Ornamental trees

Ornamental plants

Ornamental trees perform various functions, among which certainly oxygenation, protection from the sun’s rays and atmospheric agents, but also help to contribute to well-being and to decorate the environment in which they are planted, thanks to the presence of flowers and very colorful leaves. Therefore they are able both in a public garden and in a private garden to improve the conditions of strong anthropization, thus mitigating the negative aspects of urbanization. The planting of ornamental trees is therefore aimed above all at the enhancement and creation of comfort and well-being generally to improve the visual impact, following this they must comply with precise rules regarding the location and above all the distance from houses and roads. public.

Evergreen ornamental trees

Evergreen trees and shrubs are those that do not lose their leaves at the beginning of the cold season, but undergo gradual renewal throughout the year. Evergreen plants can be divided into conifers, which have needle-like leaves (such as pine and fir) and prefer to live in a cold climate and broad-leaved trees, i.e. plants with broad leaves (such as olive, myrtle, laurel) which represent the typical flora of the Mediterranean scrub. Among the evergreen ornamental plants, to adequately decorate a garden or park, it would be advisable to choose between conifers. Conifers have a good habit, with compact foliage and produce fragrant resins, as well as being plants that require little attention, also showing a very slow growth.

Ornamental garden trees

The choice of ornamental trees for the garden requires to take into account many factors that could influence the right arrangement: the space for planting, the type and humidity of the soil, the climatic zone, the type of crops and the presence If you want to create a Mediterranean garden with alkaline soils and brackish winds, you could choose both evergreen and deciduous plants such as pines, oaks, olive trees, citrus fruits, mimosas or palm trees. you could plant plums, apple trees, magnolias, Japanese maples or conifers that have very colorful flowers.For a garden in the plain you could plant palm trees, cherry trees, magnolias that resist well to fog and heat.

Pruning of ornamental trees

The pruning of ornamental trees is a delicate procedure, due to the ornamental nature of the branches and leaves. The pruning of ornamental trees serves to establish a correct structure, to be able to direct the growth of the tree without disturbing nearby plants or buildings, or to eliminate dangerous or diseased parts. Pruning should be done in such a way that only the tissues of the branch are eliminated, so as not to damage the stem and allow it to close the open wound. Pruning should not leave stumps that could be attacked by parasites. Generally the best period for pruning for deciduous trees is during the vegetative rest (in winter) or after the complete ripening of the leaves (in summer). Conifers can be pruned at any time of the year.

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