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How to decorate your garden: outdoor coverings

Having an outdoor space also means having to give it a function and know how to furnish it, if you want to avoid an overgrown forest in an abandoned place right in front of the house. If gardening is not for you and you don’t want to furnish your outdoor space, the solution is simple. Thanks to outdoor covers, such as canopies or pergolas, your outdoor space can be used as a garage for your car, as a storage room, or as a semi-covered space where you can organize lunches and dinners to celebrate your special moments. As summer approaches, the sun’s rays become stronger every day: outdoor covers can be used to shelter you from the sun in the hottest moments of the day. Furthermore, we must not forget the aesthetic element, to which a good wooden pergola without

Outdoor roofing: what are they for?

Outdoor covers are more than just a «roof», they help you define your outdoor space. There are various types of outdoor coverings, to be chosen not only based on the style of your home, so as not to make it seem like an object separate from the house complex, but also based on atmospheric agents: it is important to choose the right material, so to minimize maintenance. If you live in a particularly rainy place, perhaps wood is not for you, and you could opt for an aluminum canopy. If, on the other hand, you are warm in the south, a canopy with glass panels could protect you from the hottest rays but guarantee you the light. Or you could opt for a fabric canopy, which guarantees a cool environment and optimal shelter during the hottest hours of the day.

Canopy or pergola?

The difficult choice between the different types of outdoor coverings is difficult: the canopies have a more modern and youthful design, while the pergola can give a rustic and other times look. For both choices there are risks: a dull aspect could be the risk of a roof that is not particularly well-finished aesthetically, or of a poor material; while a poorly maintained or poorly crafted pergola can give your home an old look. The thing to do in order not to make a mistake is to choose according to the style of your home: are you more classic or more inclined to design? Think also of the material: if aluminum or iron canopies can still give a nice aesthetic result, a pergola requires wood most of the time. Choose the style and materials that best suit your outdoor coverings.

Outdoor coverings: When the garden and the house come together: vines and pergolas

If you are a lover of green spaces, a garden certainly cannot be enough for you. Plants, flowers and trees adorn your driveway, planters fill your windowsills .. But your home will never be complete without ad hoc outdoor covers, in particular a pergola: you can choose vines and adorn your whole house , also giving a retro flavor. Choose a dark wood pergola to have a better effect, the contrast with the green of the vines will be better appreciated. Outdoor roofing of this type can give the façade a high-quality appearance, giving your visitors a good impression right from the first glance. Take good care of your vines, because dry plants or worse can undo all your fatigue and give your home a creepy look.

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