Outdoor flowers

Outdoor flowers: colors at your fingertips

The role of outdoor flowers is to enliven a garden, a terrace or a balcony. There are many species of flowers that meet this need: let’s list some of them. For example, hydrangea is a type of plant that looks good both in the garden and on the balcony but in this case you have to pay attention to exposure because it prefers shady areas. It has shades ranging from light blue to lilac and requires regular watering throughout the year even if it blooms in summer. We cannot speak of a beautiful garden if there are no roses. Roses are easy to grow and there are many varieties. The rosebushes can be grown as a small tree, making sure that there is a certain distance between one and the other, or as a climber. Flowering is at rest between July and September but must be watered often. Let’s not forget the fabulous geranium bushes which are the most suitable plant species for the balcony or terrace. Geraniums are fragrant and colorful. They bloom during late spring and last until the early autumn period.

Outdoor flowers to rediscover inner harmony

Have you ever felt serene while contemplating the beauty of flowers? Finding harmony in your garden is a feeling that unites many. Contemplating the beauty of flowers, looking for the most suitable treatments for the species, enjoying the wonder of shapes and colors positively affects some cognitive abilities, trains the memory, relaxes, restores a good mood. We could define it as flower therapy. If we add that each flower has its own meaning, then a very imaginative scenario opens up, which could lead us to create a garden that speaks. It is clear that you should choose the floral varieties suitable to create a certain harmony in the garden to create suggestive corners to be furnished with care.

The fantasy of the flower beds is in the choice of shapes and colors

Imagination is required to create suggestive gardens. It is easier to embellish a balcony with plants with flowers, such as cyclamen or geraniums, but for the garden you have to arm yourself with patience. The first evaluation to be made is the size of the garden. If the garden is small, the flower beds should be arranged in one row. At most, zigzag shapes can be created to give movement. It would be advisable not to use climbing species with flowers, because if it is true that they grow in height without taking up space, in reality they give the sensation of stealing brightness. For this type of garden are graceful flower beds formed by hydrangea, cyclamen and geranium. Hyacinths, freesias and daffodils are also low-stemmed flowers and are suitable for small gardens where the flower beds are restricted.

Outdoor flowers: Spring and autumn: the seasons best suited to flowers

Do we want a flower garden all year round? We must choose outdoor flowers that resist winter even if the preferred seasons for flowers are spring and autumn because the climate is mild and it rains enough. Cyclamen are the most suitable flowers for the autumn and winter season. The heart-shaped petals are delicate and to prevent the plant from being infected they must be eliminated as soon as they wither. Passionflower resists cold and is a climbing flowering plant. Its flowers are white and large and the effect is breathtaking on the numerous leaves they produce. Dahlias are garden flowers that withstand the early autumn months and are full of colored, elongated petals. The calla lilies, elegant and simple flowers, have large leaves and colored pistils highlighted by the conical shape of the flower.

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