Outdoor furniture

The gazebo

One of the most used outdoor furniture is the gazebo. The gazebo is a covered structure, but open on the sides, and can be of various materials, depending on the needs and preferences of those who buy it: it can be built of wood, iron, masonry or even simple canvas. The roof of the gazebo rests on thin pillars and sometimes the openings in the sides can be closed by glass plates, or they can be closed at will, as in the case of the canvas gazebo, which can have hinges. It is suitable for those who want to spend pleasant moments outdoors, while being sheltered from the sun’s rays. The gazebo is not only a type of structure used in gardens, but also in public places, for example on the occasion of propaganda, political or sales initiatives.

The outdoor table

Tables are essential outdoor furniture if you want to use your outdoor space in a practical and comfortable way. They are in fact useful on various occasions, such as if you want to have a meal outdoors, play a simple game of cards with friends, write, or read. You can find outdoor tables of various types and of different materials. Circular, square, rectangular, and of various sizes. The most common garden tables are made of wood, plastic and aluminum but there are also those in glass or masonry. In addition to being an always useful element in our garden, the table also gives the idea of ​​a well-kept and comfortable environment. Ideal for people who do not want to waste a lot of money and prefer simple furnishings are the folding tables,

The fountains

The fountain is a construction of great ornamental character, which regulates the flow of water coming from a natural spring or an aqueduct. Adding a fountain to the garden creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, as well as making a very elegant decor. Fountains can be made of various materials, such as concrete, terracotta, stone, ceramic and porcelain. In addition to the classic fountain, among the most popular types of outdoor fountains we find cascading fountains, widow fountains and wall fountains. The cascading fountains are characterized by a jet of water that originates from the upper part and then descends to the lower part, creating a waterfall effect. The widow fountains are so called because the thread of incessant water they produce has been likened to a widow’s cry. Finally, the wall fountains are placed adjacent to the wall and take up less space.

Outdoor furniture: Swings and hammocks

The swings and hammocks are useful for those who want to relax outdoors or take a nap, enlivened by the pleasant movement that these two furnishings produce. The hammock is a bed, which can be made of net and canvas, placed at the end with two trees, or other supports that can allow it to swing. The rocking chair, on the other hand, is a sort of sofa or bench, which obviously can be of a different number of places, suspended at the ends so that it rocks. Both furnishings give our exterior a character of peace and relaxation, capable of communicating tranquility not only to those who use them but also to those who simply observe them. The hammock and the swing are suitable for people who want to take some time for themselves but also for those who want to relax in the company of their loved ones.

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