Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture: choose it with taste

What is the ideal time to start choosing outdoor furniture? The end of winter, when you start to rethink the outdoors and how to make the most of it. Whether it is large country gardens or small balconies in the city center, it is always pleasant to spend time outdoors: this is why studying the right outdoor furniture that best suits your environment is essential to optimize all its potential. Furniture and outdoor furniture in general have undergone an important evolution in recent years and from products / service items designed for quick family lunches they have become much more than furnishing elements, both for homes and for clubs audiences that make it a real element of pride and style. The possible solutions are truly multiple and suitable for all budgets: from furniture in folding kits to real wellness oases. The choice of materials is equally varied: from wood to wrought iron, from plastic to wicker, the possibilities are truly endless.

Outdoor furniture: solutions and materials

The solutions for outdoor furniture available today allow you to furnish any type of environment with taste and practicality, from small city terraces to large country house gardens with robust and resistant products. The first consideration is that, very often, outdoor furniture is located in places that cannot be repaired from the wear of atmospheric agents such as rain, wind, sun and sudden changes in temperature and therefore the materials used must be particularly resistant. . Plastic, metal, wood, wicker, wrought iron are just some of the materials that are available today in the outdoor furniture sector and all guarantee an effective seal over time. Among these, the material that requires less maintenance is certainly plastic which, unlike for example wood and metal, it must not be seasonally treated with anti-rust or anti-UV products. However, a good habit remains to store the furniture in a place sheltered from humidity at the end of the season or, at least, to cover it with special sheets.

Outdoor furniture: some tips for choosing it

Once the space for outdoor furniture has been identified and what the main purposes could be, it is possible to evaluate which are the most suitable solutions for the environment. If you are trying to organize a large relaxation area with sofas or swings or if you want to create a small barbeque corner on the veranda, you must consider products with different dimensions and volumes. A clever solution, to be exploited regardless of the space available, is to prefer foldable and stackable products that can be easily stored and protected when they are not used for a long period. Today there are water-proof fabrics on the market and therefore it is not always necessary to remove all the cushions and padding from the seats in case of sudden rain, but if possible it is still preferable to repair the outdoor furniture with protective sheets both against humidity and against discoloration due to the action of the sun’s rays. If the time to devote to the care of the garden and the outdoor space is not much, it is undoubtedly preferable to focus on materials that do not require special treatments or maintenance, such as plastic.

Green light to shapes and colors: how outdoor furniture changes

In recent years there has been a real revolution in the world of outdoor furniture: garden furniture has been transformed from service elements to real cult objects with their own strong personality. If until a few years ago the outdoor furniture consisted of functional tables mostly in wood or plastic and sun loungers very similar to those found on the beach, today the offer includes an almost infinite variety of products, suitable for any environment and any use. The sinuous shapes of the most modern plastic seats are flanked by the squared shapes of the structures made with recycled materials, such as pallets that with a few tools and a few quick moves are transformed into truly original tables or chairs. The design “comes out” then from the front door to give new life to any type of environment, both small urban spaces and large green gardens where it is possible to create large areas of relaxation. Ample space also comes to color: now the most suitable colors are sand and dark brown, but if you are looking for something eccentric, pop or fluo colors are not lacking.

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