Outdoor garden furniture

Plastic tables and chairs: outdoor garden furniture

For all those who like to spend a lot of time in the garden, especially during the spring and summer season, the first thing to buy will undoubtedly be a set of chairs and a plastic table, in order to organize real tables in the company of friends and relatives. Particularly suitable for outdoor garden furniture, as they are able to withstand bad weather and frequent rainfall, the plastic furniture elements are often placed near a porch or a gazebo, where people often like to spend part of the day in all relaxing and in the company of a good friend or family. The costs of a set consisting of six plastic chairs and a small table are quite low; we usually talk about fifty euros in total.

Wooden table with chairs

Another option that presents itself to lovers of gardens and green spaces is to buy a set consisting of a wooden table and chairs. Particularly suitable for setting up large tables, a wooden table however has some disadvantages linked above all to its location within the garden; unlike the furniture elements made of plastic, those in wood are more delicate and therefore not suitable for prolonged exposure to both the sun and atmospheric agents; it is for this reason that they can only be placed under a porch or a gazebo, which will guarantee their integrity. As far as prices are concerned, it must obviously be stressed that higher amounts will have to be spent

Swings and hammocks

For lovers of greenery and open iar afternoons it will be essential to place two elements such as the hammock and the rocking chair in your home garden. The first of them can also be made with a few materials that are often already present in all homes, such as a rather thick short one and a fairly resistant cloth; for the rocking chair, you can instead go to any home furnishing products shop. The costs of this very useful object are quite low, which can be placed in any corner of your garden, with preference for shady areas, where your swing can be used to lull you while reading a book or while sipping a good coffee in the company of a friend. As for the costs of this outdoor furniture element for your garden, it should be emphasized that the costs may vary according to the material with which your swing was made; it starts from 70 euros for rocking chairs in fabric and hard plastic, up to two hundred euros for wooden elements, undoubtedly more comfortable and resistant.

Outdoor garden furniture: Umbrellas and gazebos

To close this brief guide on the outdoor furniture of the garden, there are two elements present in many villas: the gazebo and the umbrella. In most cases, one replaces the other, as they have the same function: to provide shelter from the strong sun of the hottest months of the year and from any short summer rains. Usually placed in a central position, the gazebo is undoubtedly the most popular ‘place’ during the hot summer nights, where friends and relatives often entertain, sitting on comfortable armchairs or more commonly on common plastic chairs. The cost of an umbrella or a gazebo is also in this case very variable and undoubtedly depends on the material in which it is made;

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