Outdoor garden furniture

Outdoor garden furniture

A few chairs and a table can transform our outdoor space from a passageway to a real extension of the main house. If you own a gazebo or in any case a veranda, it will be possible to install in addition to the simple outdoor garden furniture also a kitchen, or in any case a structure where you can prepare meals for the family during the summer. There are many models available, among the various large distributors such as ikea or Leroy Merlin it will be possible to find excellent accessories at competitive prices, if instead you want to spend a little more at Maison Du Monde you will find original furnishings, in line with the latest trends in made of design. Pallets, recycled wood and used furniture will be a perfect base from which to build your own furniture.

Outdoor furniture for eco-sustainable garden

A greater sensitivity towards environmental problems has led many people to design and manufacture recycled and recyclable accessories, for an eco-sustainable philosophy. The garden is not far behind, with a few pallets recovered from industrial sites or from the trusted shop it is possible to create sofas, chairs, benches and tables of valuable appearance and if correctly treated even of a good duration. To obtain a beautiful three-seater sofa, it will be sufficient to sand and clean four pallets, in order to eliminate dangerous splinters of wood or rusty nails, then with an impregnating agent you can paint every single arrangement. By stacking them two by two and fixing them we will have obtained the seat that you will only have to cover with a comfortable cushion.

Garden furniture models

Ikea with its vast catalog and the extreme versatility of its furnishings is an inexhaustible source of ideas and materials for furniture, including the garden. The site offers several interesting ideas and articles with which we can decorate our courtyard. Some examples are the TÄRNÖ collection which includes the dining table and coordinated chairs, perfect for small spaces, or ÄPPLARÖ with numerous coordinated accessories available. More sophisticated, with trendy furnishings in line with current trends such as Country and Industrial Chic, the proposals of Maison du Monde, such as the dining tables of the ESCALE and MINERAL lines, of different sizes to be combined with benches and chairs of others lines. Also important are the decorations, such as cushions, lamps and curtains.

Garden furniture prices

As we have seen, our style and the philosophy we choose to adopt greatly influence the prices for outdoor garden furniture. In the case of do-it-yourself with a few euros we will be able to obtain impactful results, the most important expense will be the cushions if you decide to buy them “from scratch”. As for the Ikea furniture, the ÄPPLARÖ line including a table plus two chairs and a bench is sold at a price of about $ 340.00, while the small TÄRNÖ plus the two chairs is much cheaper, in fact it is distributed for only 35 , 00 $. The furnishings of the Maison Du Monde house are much more expensive, both the MINERAL and ESCALE lines start for the smaller tables from around $ 400.00, to which the chairs must be combined. For accessories, prices are very variable.

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