Outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen

The garden offers a wide range of options for outdoor furniture. One of these is to create an outdoor kitchen: in this way, you can organize parties, dinners and meetings with friends and relatives, immersed in a green space, without giving up any comfort. In most cases, the events in the garden are organized during the summer, but, if you rely on a sheltered structure (such as a closed and heated gazebo) you can use the outdoor kitchen even during the winter months. For an outdoor kitchen to be truly functional, it must be complete with all the necessary accessories and must be conceived and used as an extension of the house or as an additional environment. Creating an outdoor kitchen is a

Making an outdoor kitchen

There are several ways to make an outdoor kitchen, some of which are quite simple, others more complicated. In any case (as with any furniture business), you have to keep in mind your financial resources. Before starting to plan the design and composition of the furniture, one must consider the quality and characteristics of the pieces of furniture. In fact, as the name implies, an outdoor kitchen must be made using components that can withstand bad weather and atmospheric agents. At this point, there are two possibilities to choose from: the first (and most expensive) is to buy the outdoor kitchen in its entirety in a store or furniture chain; the second, on the other hand, is to create the outdoor kitchen with DIY. So let’s see this last option.

The do-it-yourself outdoor kitchen

When you decide to create an outdoor kitchen in your garden, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, the supporting structure must be built: this will be built in masonry, and will have a size of 140 x 50 centimeters. In this way, you will be able to have useful space margins for any eventuality. The height, on the other hand, should preferably be unified (the ideal measure is about 80 centimeters). As for the hob, an average one with 4 burners has a size of about 50 cm x 50. Also in this case, there will be enough space on the side edges useful for placing utensils and more. Other standard dimensions are those for the sink, which will measure approximately 120 x 40 centimeters (this format will also include the side top).

Outdoor kitchen: The steps to follow

If you do not want to use bricks, the prefabricated concrete blocks will have the advantage of not requiring mortar, as they are modular. On top of that, they are smooth and can be covered with either a coat of paint or tiles. Once the supporting structure has been built, the covering must be carried out: the “facing” bricks are particularly suitable, because they give a rustic but elegant appearance, and harmonize with the environment. Then install the hobs and the sink. Finally, doors must be inserted for each element of the structure: those found in DIY and furniture stores are already finished and equipped with hinges to be able to apply the doors directly to the masonry structure using dowel screws. Finally, the kitchen counter is made: the most suitable material for tiles is thin terracotta: not only will it have a rustic effect, but also an athermic function. All that remains is to choose the furniture, such as a sideboard, a table and chairs.

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