Outdoor planters

The outdoor planters: characteristics and models

The outdoor planters can be bought in any DIY store or made with DIY. In addition, they can be inserted in any external environment (terrace, garden, courtyards, porches, etc.) and there are various models: they can be integrated with gratings, border a wall or fence, or be corner. In the latter case, outdoor planters are particularly suitable for occupying and reviving a space that is usually unused and neglected. To make a corner planter just measure the front of the corner, in order to decide how big the planter will be: in fact, you measure the width of the corner and close it with an imaginary line. This will be the size of the planter. We must, therefore,

How to make corner outdoor planters

The height of the corner outdoor planters can be decided in an absolutely free way: it can range from 1 meter (for very tall outdoor planters, for large plants or trees) to only 40-50 centimeters (for low outdoor planters for plants small and flowers). If the outdoor planters are placed in a corner of the terrace, you can create a composition of cyclamen and ferns for the lower area and one or two trunks of happiness for the central one. Alternatively, kenzie, pothos and dracaena can be used, or succulents. In the latter case, no special care will be required and the plants will last a long time. Just create a play of heights to raise the plants for the base and use Apulian stones with large holes to fill the gaps. Once the composition is finished, the

The do-it-yourself wooden outdoor planters

A material widely used to make outdoor planters is wood, as it is a very versatile element and very easy to work with. In fact, through DIY, you can create and build outdoor furniture and decorations following our imagination. To make wooden outdoor planters you only need a few wooden planks, a drill, wood screws, tar and impregnating paint for wood (it will protect the wood from the weather and from the action of the sun and water). First, you have to measure the space you want to fill to decide exactly what size the planter should have. Attention: the measurements must be precise. After purchasing the necessary materials in a DIY store, you can start work, starting with the sides of the planter.

Outdoor planters: How to make an outdoor wooden planter

Each side of the planter consists of 3 long boards. To build them, just place the boards on the floor to which you will have to add two squares to make the internal corners. Attention: the squares must be 3 centimeters away from the outer edge of the boards. The screws must be fixed from the outside using the screwdriver. Once this is done, the short sides can be made, repeating the exact same operations for the construction of the sides. At this point we proceed with the assembly, bringing one side closer to a short part, so that they are flush against thread, and fixing the screws from the outside. Once the structure has been made, the bottom will have to be assembled: three long boards will have to be joined with a vertical square in the center of the boards. After fixing it from the outside with screws, you will have to make some holes on the bottom with the drill, to allow the water to escape. Once this is done, you will have to assemble the bottom and 4 strips (the feet) on the planter, and give a coat of tar to make the planter waterproof.

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