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Garden set, outdoor furniture

Garden sets consisting of armchairs, consoles and 2-seater sofa, they are certainly very comfortable (thanks to their size and the addition of cushions), versatile and aesthetically beautiful. They can be dark brown or beige, taking up the tones of wood, suitable for any type of aesthetic taste. If, on the other hand, you want to opt for the classic taste, round table and wrought iron chairs, they will certainly be able to give a bon ton air to your garden, even if wrought iron requires special care and attention (shelter from the rain to avoid rust). Never out of fashion, the wooden tables and chairs are certainly suitable for every need and taste. For those who want something more spartan, there are the classic plastic chairs, with a table in the same material. As you have read, there really is the

Garden set, outdoor furniture

Obviously the price of the garden sets varies considerably with respect to the model, size, material etc. A garden set with sofa, coffee table and 2 rattan armchairs is around 200 euros in large hypermarkets. The more refined and personalized the furniture, the more the price will rise. As for the wrought iron furniture, the price is around 200 euros to go up. The wooden set starts from a minimum threshold of 200 euros to go up too. Plastic chairs and tables are certainly cheaper in terms of purchase and maintenance: from a minimum of 40 euros to a maximum of 100. The price is certainly proportionate to the comfort and resistance of the individual furniture components and then … also the eye wants its part right? So if you want a garden that everyone can admire,

Garden set, outdoor furniture components

As for the maintenance of garden sets, you just have to ask the retailer for advice on the most suitable products to preserve your furniture. However, it is a good idea to follow some small precautions: do not leave the garden sets exposed to the sun for too long; take care to cover with a cloth when it rains, or to store the furniture indoors in your absence; pass an antirust product and remove the cushions from chairs and sofas in the evening. These small tricks together with the others that the experts in the sector will be able to kindly and professionally provide you, will help you to preserve your garden set over time, to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. Do not forget to take the measurements if you have a very small garden and to evaluate possible solutions together with the dealer.

Outdoor set: Garden set, outdoor space furniture

If you do not have a lot of space in your garden or if you simply want a practical and intelligent solution, keep in mind any space-saving garden set solutions. In fact, just for those with special needs, «retractable» furniture has been created with a high aesthetic impact, but extraordinarily intelligent in their design. In fact, they are structured in such a way as to fit perfectly together, saving you space. For those who love DIY, remember that with pallets it is possible to create delicious, economical and eco-sustainable garden sets. Just go outside the supermarkets, get the pallets and follow the numerous instructions on the web, to have fun creating your comfortable and personalized garden set. Now you have no excuses:

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