Outdoor table

Outdoor table

An outdoor table, in the garden or on the terrace, will suffer over the years the attacks of the elements: direct sunlight, pouring rain, cold, frost, heat. All these natural elements make it necessary to choose a resistant and durable material for outdoor furniture, which can withstand bad weather without problems. Regardless of the material chosen, it is also important to carry out proper and regular maintenance, to avoid excessive damage and to keep the outdoor table clean from smog, dirt, sand, soil, which tend to encrust the surfaces. In general, the cheaper materials tend to deteriorate more over the years, while the higher-priced tables are often produced with more weather-resistant materials, which remain beautiful even after several years.

Wooden tables

Wood is the main material for the production of garden and terrace furniture and tables; on the market we find many different types of wood, ranging from varnished fir, to larch or impregnated teak or rattan or wicker, made up of intertwined fibers. The most obvious differences are certainly in the style and look of the tables, which make these materials more or less suitable for decorating your green space. Another peculiarity of each single material is also the duration: the rattan or impregnated wood tables can remain outdoors even during the winter months, without being damaged; varnished wood and wicker furniture can be damaged by rain, and in the long run even sunlight can ruin the coating. The choice depends on your tastes, needs,

Plastic tables

Plastic is a very suitable material for preparing outdoor tables, because it is versatile, it lends itself to being printed in various forms and many synthetic materials are cheap and resistant to sunlight and frost. The plastic outdoor tables have the advantage of being quite cheap and therefore allow you to buy large furniture, or with a very pleasant look without spending exorbitant amounts. In addition to printed PVC, we find outdoor tables in synthetic rattan, consisting of a thin flexible plastic tape, which well simulates natural palm fiber rattan. The disadvantage of plastic furniture is due to the fact that over time they tend to lose the coating that makes them shiny; they then become opaque and encrusted with dust and smog. Regular cleaning and

Outdoor tables in metal

The iron garden furniture is among the most traditional; this material is also used today, to produce design tables, or even furniture with a slightly retro look. There are very different products, in metal prepared in a different way. The most durable outdoor tables are those in wrought iron, which in addition to being very decorative, are also very resistant to external agents: the wrought iron is polished and coated with special paints, which make it resistant to rust. We also find iron outdoor tables that are covered with a layer of plastic paint; Unfortunately, this type of table tends to deteriorate over the years, because the plastic paint, exposed to sunlight and frost, breaks into small pieces, revealing the underlying metal, and leaving it exposed to rust.

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