Outdoor tables

Outdoor tables in wood

The choice of outdoor tables naturally depends on the intended use of them. However, regardless of the shape, style and size, you have to think about the material with which they were made. This must be resistant to atmospheric agents, such as water and sun rays, and must allow easy maintenance. Of all the materials available, wood is undoubtedly the most versatile and suitable for garden furniture. The wood used for outdoor tables is usually treated with paints that make it waterproof and unassailable by bacteria or insects, such as moths. Among the most used types of wood we find teak, very hard and precious, as well as mahogany, or lighter tropical species such as banana. The wooden outdoor tables undoubtedly represent a valuable choice.

Outdoor tables in metal

The choice of furnishing the exteriors with metal tables remains very popular. This is due to the fact that they adapt easily to the most varied styles and environments, as well as being very solid. Another feature that makes them very versatile is the fact that metal, usually iron is used, can be worked in many ways and be easily combined with other materials such as wood and ceramic. As far as maintenance is concerned, it is essential that they are treated with anti-rust, while for cleaning it will be necessary to have a soft cloth and a very delicate detergent. If the table was made of wrought iron from time to time it is also recommended to polish it with petroleum. Among the various types of garden tables on the market made of metal,

Plastic outdoor tables

The idea of ​​buying a garden table made of an inexpensive material such as plastic may seem like a fallback solution at first glance. In reality, this choice can have advantages, also in light of the fact that nowadays outdoor tables in plastic of excellent quality as well as design are produced. That said, the plastic garden table represents the most economical and at the same time comfortable and versatile solution. Another advantage is given by the lightness of the material, thus making it easy to move the table. Even from the point of view of maintenance these tables do not create particular problems: it is necessary to be careful if they are left exposed to the sun for a long time, since they can discolour slightly, while cleaning is not always easy. so it is important that too much dirt does not accumulate during months of inactivity. Another small disadvantage is that being light they can be easily blown away in strong winds.

Rattan outdoor tables

In recent years, in the West, a natural material derived from wood, rattan, has become very popular for the production of garden furniture. Rattan is obtained from the intertwining of bamboo fibers or other fast-growing tropical plants, such as palm, giving rise to beautiful, light and original outdoor furniture. If wisely worked they will be very resistant to bad weather, especially if the bamboo cane assembled in pieces is preferred to the typical weaving process. Synthetic rattan is also spreading more and more on the market, which combines the aesthetic effect of wood with the resistance of plastic, thus obviating those small maintenance jobs that a natural material inevitably requires. Finally, the lightness of the material makes these outdoor tables easy to transport,

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