Outdoor tables

The classic large outdoor table with umbrella

Large and square or rectangular with a large umbrella placed in the middle to shelter diners from the sun or sudden showers, the classic outdoor table is ideal for those who have a lot of space in the garden and like to share it often inviting friends and relatives for lunch. or dinners with friends. There are many variations of these tables, for every type of pocket and need; from the simple plastic table to the more worked wooden one, passing through the iron and aluminum tables. In addition to the price, the attention and care that can be given to it and the place in which it will be positioned are decisive in the choice of these tables; in fact, a plastic table, in addition to being cheaper, can be easily exposed to heat or rain without damaging it; while a wooden or iron table is more expensive and requires periodic care to keep its beauty intact and cannot be permanently exposed to various atmospheric agents such as humidity or direct sunlight; it should therefore be placed under a porch or moved indoors during the winter season.

The folding table to store when not needed

Those who do not have much space in the garden but like to organize lunches and dinners with friends, can orient their purchase towards a folding table to be placed outside only when needed and put away after its use. Being a table to be used occasionally, it does not require any attention, except to store it in a place that is not damp to avoid the attacks of rust or mold; these outdoor tables are found in different variants, occupying more or less space both closed and open; like the metal one that can be found in the form of a briefcase, which once opened can accommodate several people and which also contains folding chairs inside; or in wood whose legs close easily, becoming thin and therefore easy to store.

The versatile table that extends when needed

Another very practical solution for those who do not have a lot of outdoor space but like to invite people to their home during the summer season, are the extendable outdoor tables; these tables, usually square in shape, can even reach double their initial size by comfortably accommodating several diners thanks to the book opening of the upper floor, or by fitting the elements contained in the table into the appropriate rails, up to the desired length. Usually these tables are in wood or iron and for this reason they must be treated with some precautions, in fact these materials cannot be exposed for a long time outdoors in the rain and humidity; it would therefore be advisable to place them under a porch,

Outdoor tables: Outdoor tables: the small garden table

In wrought iron, wood, rattan or polyethylene; simple or elegantly decorated, round or square, the small garden table is a must in the smallest outdoor spaces; suitable for enjoying a coffee with friends or for an aperitif with friends, it can furnish any outdoor space thanks to the different styles in which it can be found: colored and with more particular shapes if you choose it in polyethylene; with an English style and romantic lines if you prefer it in wrought iron; or even in rattan or wicker, if you are enchanted by their weaves; except for the polyethylene table, all the other tables must be treated with special products to protect them from external agents to keep their beauty intact. The small outdoor table is a great solution for many open spaces,

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