Outdoor whirlpools

Hydromassage and mini-pools

The green space that surrounds the house is not only a place capable of highlighting the home from an aesthetic point of view, but also a real extension of it that you want to be able to fully exploit and as much as possible. Enjoying relaxation alone or in company in your own garden allows you to make the most of your free hours without leaving home: for this purpose the garden can be enriched with every comfort and become a real extension of the house. Whirlpools and mini-pools can also be placed in small gardens, as long as the space is used in a functional and efficient way. Precisely for this reason the hydromassage pools can take up minimal space and offer space inside for the simultaneous use by several people making the garden a meeting place and a place for recreation. The hot tubs can be used throughout the summer and covered in the months of non-use, so as not to suffer damage due to continuous external exposure. Alternatively, it is possible to create a special cabin, if space permits, to make the structure usable for longer and reap the maximum benefits.

The benefits of the whirlpool

Being able to use the whirlpool regularly is not only a source of relaxation, but also benefits for the mind and body: while stress is removed and the duties of the day are forgotten, the skin is massaged and gains in tone and shine. . At the same time, the hydromassage also has benefits at the body level in its entirety: the positive effects are mostly linked to the action of hot water and its massage on the adipose and muscle tissues, which allow to shape the body and make it tonic. The relaxing bath in the whirlpool also helps to regain balance after stressful and hectic days, helping the mind to unwind and relax. When used with cold water, the action will be mostly invigorating for the body, while hot water will also have positive effects on blood circulation. Furthermore, the hydromassage is also an important resource against pains related to arthritis and rheumatism; it is no coincidence that the treatment is widespread not only in wellness centers but also in spas. Relaxation also promotes the reduction of stress-related disorders, such as anxiety and insomnia: using the whirlpool tub, in short, can improve all-round health.

Outdoor whirlpools: Cleaning and maintenance

Installing a whirlpool or a mini-pool in the garden involves infinite pleasures, in the face of some small precautions: keeping the pools clean and tidy is essential not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for hygienic reasons as well as to ensure the maximum life span of the pool. whirlpool. During periods of inactivity, the tank must be emptied of water and kept covered with the appropriate sheets that prevent not only the accumulation of dirt and natural residues, but also the entry of insects and small animals into the tank. Before use it is advisable to take a shower, to ensure a clean and healthy use, while after the stay in water it is recommended to replace. The cleaning of the internal surfaces must be carried out periodically, with a variable frequency also based on the periodicity of use, using specific products that do not damage the surfaces. The retailer will take care to direct you in this direction, in order to obtain maximum cleanliness without creating damage or imperfections.

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