Packaging flowers

Wrapping flowers to tell her “I love you”

It might seem trivial to give her red roses to tell her how you feel, but no woman will be able to resist the beauty of these flowers and their message. Don’t be afraid to look too romantic, take the risk but do it with style. If packing flowers is not your strong point, let those who do it for a profession or for passion do it and you will see that you will be able to amaze them. Hearts of red roses with a single and mysterious white rose that breaks the continuity of color; bouquet of white lilies, tender threads of green and leaves arranged all around as if they were their corolla; compositions of sensual orchids of multiple varieties; but also less demanding bouquets of daisies and lilacs wrapped in colored crepe paper or in a sober jute net knotted with natural raffia and decorated with a red felt heart.

The big day: packing flowers for the bride and the wedding

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect and the visual one is the first impact. The guests immediately notice the “scenographic” part of the party, from the ceremony to lunch or refreshments. In this ideal setting, flowers are the protagonists of the different environments: from the church, which is generally decorated with soft colors, to the reception room that can host very bright shades of colors. Making flowers for the bride will be a big challenge but the result will pay off the effort. The bride’s bouquet, then, is really a very personal choice, you can foresee the more classic one of white roses or one of colored gerberas or a cascade of white lilies and delicate ferns, and again a simple bouquet of calla lilies. Then there are bouquets that look like small works of

And then again flowers flowers flowers to say happy birthday

Happy birthday mom, happy birthday grandma, happy birthday to everyone! From an early age, giving a small flower collected in a meadow gives joy to both the child and the recipient. So why not keep doing it? Every day there are different occasions to pack flowers and give them away. It is not necessary that they are always particular creations, a little good taste, joy, imagination and the desire to please those who will receive them are enough. Wildflowers bring with them the idea of ​​carefree days, the scent of grass and earth and the colors of spring … let’s take them to mum and grandmother, they will be a breath of joy. A vase of calla lilies and long-stemmed roses will make the house very elegant while a bucket full of tulips will brighten up all environments, even those a little in the shade.

Special occasions: a degree, a show, an invitation to dinner

You enter the classroom, a few minutes to discuss the thesis, and here she graduated. What better occasion to offer her a bouquet of flowers of a thousand colors, among which red cannot be missing? More and more often you can find dedicated compositions, otherwise you can ask to make flowers for a graduation, perhaps adding a playful element like the “touch”, or the typical black hat with red tassel. But here the curtain rises and a little big etoile performs a ballet ending with a bow. For her an ethereal bouquet like dance: shy buttercups with light pink roses and small lilies. If, on the other hand, the occasion is an invitation to dinner, a bouquet of long flowers taken care of in its packaging can be ideal to replace or accompany a bottle of wine. If dinner is with friends, well, there is plenty of choice. Very nice is a way of packaging flowers that comes from the East … in the shape of a ball with a ribbon that allows you to hang it.

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