Parisian geraniums

Parisian geraniums: the masters of the balconies

Despite being one of the most common flowers in all of Europe, its origins are mainly African. In this case, the Parisian geraniums are native to South Africa. They have excellent resistance to heat and cold, but the Pelargone or Pelargonium, precisely the Parisian geranium, does not tolerate temperatures below 5 or 6 degrees. It is therefore advisable not to expose it to too cold temperatures during the winter season, otherwise you risk freezing its capillary root system, and the plant would consequently die. They are seedlings that are well suited to planting in pots, therefore particularly suitable for creating real cascades of colored flowers, to be placed on windowsills. They are also widely used to embellish railings and terrace walls. Even in the open ground, however, they make a good impression,

The right place

By their nature they tend to “fall back” so they are perfect to be placed in pots and boxes, which will then be placed on window sills or hung on balconies. They need full sun or partial shade exposure. If left in low light, the leaves turn yellow in a short time. The wind is their enemy, it disturbs them strongly and prevents their good growth. In some cases it even leads them to death. If your home is in a very sunny position, it will be good to expose the Parisian geraniumsto the south-east, in order to prevent harmful drying. In the summer, the plant must be carefully observed, excessive exposure to sunlight could cause imbalances in growth. As well as, if kept in shady areas, the plant will almost stop flowering in favor of a luxuriant foliation, often harmful. In this case you will also notice a thinning of the stems.

Potted seedling care

The necessary soil, to be used for the cultivation and care of Parisian geraniums, is composed of river sand, woodland and peat. The boxes must have a size of about 20-25 cm in depth, and a width of at least 20 cm. The seedlings will be planted at a minimum distance of 40 cm from each other. By doing so, they will have their right living space at their disposal. The Parisian geraniumsthey should be watered constantly, even every day in hot weather. It is also necessary to make sure that the heat does not create a layer of crust in the soil, which would prevent the correct absorption of the water. In case of extreme compactness of the earth, with a shovel it is necessary to remove the superficial part, and if necessary, integrate the pot with fresh soil. About every 20 days, it will be good to make a small fertilization, dissolving specific fertilizers in the water. But be careful not to overdo it with watering, always take into account the climatic conditions.

Healing properties of Parisian geraniums

In Aromatherapy the qualities of geranium are used to rebalance the nervous system, in fact it is an antidepressant. Their healing properties have been known since ancient times, in fact they were also used as anti-inflammatories and antiseptics. Its beneficial effects are many, ranging from the treatment of blisters, burns or eczema; but it is also a cure-all as a liver and kidney tonic. Parisian geraniums were also used in ancient times for neuralgia and sore throats. In short, a plant that defines it as ornamental is really reductive. Some curiosities: the name “geranium” comes from the Greek word “geranos” and means crane, referring to the shape of the head of this swamp bird. In the Parisian geranium there are appreciable stimulating functions of the lymphatic system.

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