Parisian geraniums


This variety of the ornamental plant, which takes its name from the French capital of the same name, comes exclusively from southern Africa and is part of the large family grouping of the Geraniaceae. The magnificent herbaceous is very welcome and admired for its typical descending posture and for its polychrome inflorescence, with shades from white to red-purple. It will go generously and constantly wet during the spring and summer period, even with very close frequencies, while watering will be limited in the cold seasons and carried out only when the soil has dried up. The Parisian geraniums will be able, in hypothesis, to tolerate more easily the periodic absence of spraying than the puddles and water stagnations in the growing earth,


The ideal arrangement of Parisian geraniums will certainly be that of embellishing verandas and terraces, inside medium-sized containers, but this does not exclude their placement in other areas of the house. In all cases, it will need a soil fairly full of organic substances, to which sandy and peaty components essential for correct and efficient drainage must be added unfailingly. At the arrival of spring days, the plant will be appropriately repotted, using gradually more and more capacious containers able to perfectly contain the root system. Periodic pruning operations will also be very important for geraniums. In fact, the aged and tattered ramifications and all the now withered inflorescences must be eliminated with good consistency.


Wherever the chosen housing is, the ornamental herb must be carefully fertilized, in order to take the right nutrients for growth. Fertilization will be concentrated mainly in the vegetative period, at different intervals in relation to the type of fertilizer adopted. Solid organic fertilizers, characterized by constant and progressive release, will be administered rather sporadically, whereas those of a liquid nature, dissolved in the spraying water, will be given on average twice a week, or even more consistently where necessary. It must be specific fertilizers for the type of plant and have an adequate presence of nitrogen and potassium elements,

Parisian Geraniums: Exposure and Pathologies

Outdoors or inside the apartment, the characteristic and graceful herbaceous must find accommodation in an illuminated habitat, with direct exposure to sunlight for a few hours of the day. It can also be easily adapted to partially or even completely shady places, but both the beautiful foliage and the polychrome inflorescence will suffer. Instead, it will suffer from cold climatic conditions, so much so that it must be conveniently protected in the autumn and winter season with fabrics or other appropriate materials. Finally, this Geranium may be subjected to pitfalls of mold and rot, due to inefficient drainage, and to attacks by the fearful lycenid. In this case, the damaged part of the plant must be eliminated and the growing soil replaced.

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