Pecan nut

Why choose a pecan nut

When we are about to choose among the various broad-leaved trees, the one most suitable for our garden, our choice could be oriented towards trees that are both ornamental and fruit. If this were our need, pecan nut could be suitable to satisfy us. This is a particularly long-lived tree capable of reaching a height of over thirty meters. Its beauty is all in its erect and majestic bearing. On its mighty trunk, protected by a gray bark, stands a dense and round crown which is composed of very large leaves that are composed of about seventeen lanceolate leaflets having a dark green color. In spring it produces both elongated male flowers and round shaped female flowers that are placed on long spikes.

For the cultivation of a pecan nut to be possible, it will be necessary to make sure that the climate is warm enough.You will proceed with the choice of a soil that is deep but also rich and fertile and that is exposed to the sun throughout the day. It should be placed at a distance of at least ten meters from the other plants placed there. Only in this way can its long roots develop and the hole that will be dug will have to be sufficient to place the roots. Excessively deep holes could damage it, so after planting a pecan nut, it will need to be watered. This operation must be repeated for every week during the first six months. We advise you to wait a couple of days before fertilizing the soil.

Pecan nut: how to cure it

Once we have planted our specimen of pecan nece, we must make sure that the conditions around it are favorable to guarantee it a good growth.A little fundamental attention is to keep under control the undergrowth that will develop at its base. Weeds, in fact, represent a great obstacle to the growth of very young trees, especially because they absorb the necessary part of the water necessary to nourish it.It is advisable to regularly check the trees paying attention to attacks by insects that could cause diseases. Zinc foliar fertilizer will help the fruits to grow well.To avoid insect attacks, specific products can be used, resorting to the use of ladders for mature specimens.

The best way to harvest pecan fruits is to shake the branches carefully and let them fall to the ground, they will need to be harvested immediately because, if they are left on the ground, they could be damaged by soil moisture, crack or even split. by using a tool, which is similar to a fishing rod, it is possible to shake the pecan out of the open pods without creating damage for subsequent harvests. If you do not want to risk damaging the tree, you can wait for the fruits to fall to the ground spontaneously once they have reached maturity. If you choose to adopt this technique you will have to be faster than the squirrels who could take advantage of it. Check the soil around the tree thoroughly.

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