Perennial garden flowers

Perennial garden flowers, Alyssum plants

They are herbaceous plants, those included in the genus called Alyssum, originating from the Eurasian continent and belonging to the Brassicaceae family. The erect posture characterizes these plants which have oblong leaves, gathered in rosettes and gray-green in color. The garden flowersperennials of Alyssum, appear in spring and are grouped in racemes. They can be yellow or white, composed of four simple petals. Plants to be grown in poor, sandy and well-drained soils, to obtain abundant flowering, it is advisable to place Alyssum specimens in very sunny places. Irrigation is necessary in summer and during drought periods while a slow release organic fertilizer, administered at the end of winter, supports the vegetative development.

Perennial plants, the species called Achillea

The bushy habit and vigorous growth are some of the characteristics of perennials, including in the genus of Achillea. Originating from the Eurasian continent, they belong to the Asteraceae family. The stems are numerous and compact, the foliage is dark green, delicately aromatic, reminiscent of the smell of camphor. With the arrival of the summer season, the flowering period begins which consists of umbrella-shaped corymbs, the gathered flowers are very small and based on the species and varieties of different colors. The specimens of Achillea do not require excessive cultivation attention, they adapt to different types of soil, even poor or stony ones. They withstand the cold winter seasons well and are not afraid of dry periods.

Native to southern Africa, the plant species known as Agapanthus belong to the Liliaceae family. Evergreen herbaceous or deciduous, the foliage is slightly fleshy, ribbon-like and leathery, of a bright green color. They grow vigorously, from late spring until the arrival of the autumn season, produce long floral stems, the umbrella-like inflorescences open at the end. The small and numerous flowers are bell-shaped or trumpet-shaped, of an intense blue color. They prefer fertile, deep and well-drained soils while the exposure must be bright, preferably indirect. Irrigation is abundant and frequent in spring and summer, with the vegetative restart it is advisable to periodically administer a liquid organic fertilizer forAgapanthus perennial garden flowers .

Perennial garden flowers: Perennial plants, the species called Alstroemeria

The numerous species and varieties of perennial plants, included in the genus called Alstroemeria, are native to South America and belong to the Liliaceae family. Grown for ornamental purposes, these plants are characterized by the showy and colorful flowering that begins in late spring and continues into the summer months. The flowers are single or gathered, they take up the shapes of the lily and are distinguished by the different colored dots and streaks. The foliage does not have a very compact appearance and the shape varies according to the different species of Alstroemeria, generally dark green in color. They resist winter temperatures even below freezing but must be protected from strong currents. They prefer fertile, rich and above all well-drained soils, irrigations are regular from spring to autumn. With the vegetative restart, it is advisable to provide the plant with an organic fertilizer for flowering plants.

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