How to build one in the garden

Building a wooden pergola where you can protect yourself from the summer heat and restore yourself after exhausting working days is a simple and easy idea to implement. Before purchasing the material necessary for the construction, it is necessary to measure the perimeter where to place the structure and outline the project. In a specialized shop you have to buy the supporting pillars (four) and some concrete to fix the poles to the ground. After having formed a square with the four poles, it is necessary to dig holes to insert them, and then cover them with concrete to fix the structure to the ground; once the load-bearing structure is finished, the pergola must be covered with wooden beams or metal trusses to be fixed to the four poles. To save time and be sure to build a strong structure,

Which plants to choose

To create a luxuriant and aesthetically elegant and refined pergola, it is necessary to decide which plants to place on the supporting structure. Among the most used to cover pergolas we find the climbing ones that wrap around the beams to form arches and particular geometries. The most used climbing plants are the grapevine which creates a refreshing shaded area during the summer and becomes covered with fruit during the autumn months and the ivy, a very weather resistant plant that climbs quickly and whose foliage is green throughout. the year. Alternatively, you can opt for climbing plants that produce colorful and fragrant flowers, such as climbing roses (Edmund Proust, Climber, Levigata and Alberatine), bougainvillea, rincospermum, passionflower, honeysuckle and plumbago.

Types of arbor

The pergolas are divided into two categories: independent pergolas and lean-to pergolas. The independent pergolas are structures that can be placed in any space of the garden and do not require load-bearing walls, while the lean-to pergolas are structures that are placed against a wall of the house, to expand the porch or cover an area of ​​the house to protect themselves. from the sun. The pergola can be covered with plants or tiles. During the winter months, removable PVC sheets can be used to shelter from the elements. For full coverage, side sheets can also be installed to ensure greater shelter from bad weather. If the space inside the pergola is sufficient,

Pergola: Municipal permits

Before building a pergola it is necessary to obtain a permit from your Municipality of residence to build it, consequently to know which requirements to comply with you must contact a specialized technician. According to the general legislation contained in the municipal building regulations, the pergola must be built with pillars anchored to the ground or wooden beams and the roof must be made up of vegetation or retractable sheets, otherwise it is subject to a different legislation. If the pergola to be built corresponds to the general definition of the municipal building regulations, it is necessary to make a Communication of Commencement of Works falling within the category of extraordinary maintenance or a Certified Notification of Commencement of Activities.

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