Persimmon apple

Watering of apple persimmons

There are many varieties of apple persimmons, some of which are grafted for the purpose of making the plant more resistant. Apple persimmons tolerate heat very well, even intense and prolonged ones. However, during the summer season it is advisable to water the base from the plant, to prevent the soil from remaining completely dry for too many days. It will not be necessary to install a fixed irrigation system and it will be enough to intervene if necessary, only when it is really necessary. During the other seasons the apple persimmons do not need watering. The natural rains are more than enough to guarantee the development of the plant, flowering and fruiting. The apple persimmons they fear water stagnation and it would be advisable to avoid the formation of puddles at the base of the plant.

Cultivation care

Very little care must be ensured for apple persimmons. After having planted them in spring we will simply have to wait for nature to take its course, with the plant adapting to the new location and growing luxuriantly. Obviously the first years will be the most delicate and we will have to make sure that the cold season is not extreme. When the plant is adult it will hardly need any care. Pruning should also be carried out only in the first phase of development of the sapling, especially to address the main branches. When they reach the fourth or fifth year of life, the apple persimmons will no longer be pruned. It is important, when buying an apple persimmon plant, to choose a potted plant to avoid a bare root transplant. The taproot of apple persimmons, in fact,

Land for cultivation

The apple persimmon tree lends itself to being grown in soils that are also very different in composition, as long as an excellent drainage is ensured. When preparing the soil we will try to work very deeply, reaching at least 50cm of digging. We will try to avoid the formation of clods and make the earth as friable as possible. We will also add natural fertilizer, such as mature manure, manure and home compost. We will pay close attention to the substrate where the taproot will enter and must develop freely. If necessary we can put some common universal soil. In autumn we will be able to repeat the fertilization, always with mature manure, placing the fertilizer at the foot of the plant and burying it with new earth.

Persimmon apple: Climate and adversity

The ideal exposure for the cultivation of apple persimmons is in the sun, where direct rays arrive for most of the day. The plant also tolerates winter temperatures of -10 ° C, being able to recover well with the following spring and summer. As for the heat, the apple persimmons also tolerate seasons characterized by temperatures of over 35 ° C and periods of drought during which it will be sufficient to guarantee irrigation. Fruit drop can be prevented by avoiding water changes and exposure to cold air currents. The attacks of insects and parasites can be solved with a specific pesticide product that can be purchased in gardening stores. Apple persimmons are harvested from the plant and eaten fresh. Unlike common persimmons,

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