Petrol chainsaw

The petrol chainsaw

Modern chainsaws have devices and designs suitable for safe use. In particular, the designers have worked by introducing the chain brake, which stops the rotation of the chain once the cut is finished. The efficiency of modern chainsaws translates into lower consumption of gasoline, chain oil. The vibrations induced by the engine are minimized by using precautions in the design phase and the use of materials for the handles that make use comfortable and reduce the risk of fatigue. The noise produced is also reduced through the use of custom designed mufflers.

Ergonomics of the models

The main innovations regarding the engines relate to the optimization of the intake air flows which by re-designing the engines have been optimized to reduce consumption. Ergonomics are also revealed in easier starting systems that promise ease of use even for the less experienced. The weight of the units is reduced thanks to the optimization in the choice of materials and the use of nonetheless resistant plastic materials. The chain tensioner mechanism is easy to adjust on all models, without the use of tools and sometimes automatic on others. A particular model of chainsaw has been designed for those who try their hand at wood carving. This model has a particular shape of the pointed bar that allows you to sculpt details and minimize bounce.

The importance of safety

Safety when handling such a tool is essential. Therefore the manufacturing companies have concentrated in order to prevent any inappropriate use of the vehicle. All models on the market today have an inertial chain locking system that tends to slow down movement as soon as the accelerator is released. In any case, it is good to remember that glasses or a mask must be worn to prevent trauma to the eyeball. It is also important to wear cut-resistant clothing such as trousers, gloves and jacket. These particular work tools are equipped with Kevlar inserts that prevent any laceration avoiding accidental cuts during work. To prevent injuries, it is good to observe some postural precautions to avoid straining the lumbar region too much.

Petrol chainsaw: Chain and accessories

An important parameter when choosing a chainsaw concerns the length of the blade and the chains. For professional use we recommend very long blades proportionate to the power of the engine, but in the range of proposals offered by the companies, even smaller models can perform all the required functions. As far as the profiles of the chains are concerned, the most suitable for roughing work and those most suited to heavy use are distinguished. All chains have a low rebound tendency to avoid injury. They are hardened and need to be sharpened periodically to ensure efficiency. The accessories supplied with a chainsaw essential for its correct maintenance are many and it is possible to purchase special accessories to independently provide

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