Garden plants, the genus called Philadelphus

There are more than seventy species and hybrid varieties, included in the genus called Philadelphus. Garden plants, belonging to the Hydrangeaceae family, native to the European and Asian continents, are also naturalized in North America. Shrubs with deciduous foliage, dark green in color and with ovate or lanceolate shapes. The flowering period begins, generally during the summer season, in June, the emitted inflorescences are white or cream-colored, the petals can be simple, semi-double or double. Almost all the different species and varieties of flowering plants of the genus called Philadelphus produce numerous and abundant blooms, with very intense and recognizable fragrances that recall the citrus fragrances of orange blossoms.

Philadelphus garden plant cultivation techniques

Simple to grow, Philadelphus garden plants adapt to different environmental and climatic contexts. They are resistant to cold winter seasons and temperatures well below zero, they adapt easily to any type of soil, as long as it is well drained. They prefer sunny areas but grow luxuriantly, even in partial shade. Irrigation is frequent in spring and summer while it is reduced to what is strictly necessary in autumn and winter. After the flowering period, it is advisable to prune the oldest branches, to help the development of new shoots. A liquid organic fertilizer to be diluted periodically in water, must be administered during the spring and autumn season, in order to provide all the nutritional elements that the Philadelphus plants need.

Methods of propagation of Philadelphus plant species

Philadelphus plants can be reproduced through spring sowing, they are also propagated with the semi-woody cutting method, to be practiced during the summer season. The buds to be taken must be healthy and at least ten centimeters long. It is necessary to eliminate the excess leaves and before planting them, it is advisable to treat the cut wound with a rooting and pesticide powder. The cuttings should be placed in individual containers, filled with soil mixed with peat and sand. To maintain the right degree of humidity, it is advisable to spray periodically, without soaking the soil too much. The new plants should be placed in places, cool and temperate, not too bright. The engraftment occurred when the buds emit new leaf buds.

The different species of the genus of garden plants of Philadelphus

The easiest to find variety of garden plants on the market is called Philadelphus coronarius. Vigorously growing shrubs, they have ovate-shaped, glossy green foliage. In spring, in the month of May, the long flowering period begins, the small white, simple flowers are characterized by a delicate citrus scent. From the genetic crossing with the Philadelphus coronarius the cultivar known with the name of Philadelphus coronarius Variegatus was obtained, the peculiarity consists in the foliage, green spotted cream color. Another variety is the so-called Philadelphus virginalis, the elegant inflorescences are white, very fragrant. Hybrid specimens of Philadelphus Belle Etoile produce large white flowers while the heart is carmine red.

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