Pink color meaning

The red rose

It is the messenger flower of love; the red color also symbolizes fire, life, blood. Red in ancient times was considered the color of the god of Happiness, the one who had the task of dispensing wealth among men. The red rose was formerly used to decorate the bride during her most beautiful day; However, there are various shades of red to which it is good to pay attention. For example, the deep red rose indicates a feeling of regret, while the carmine rose has erotic connotations; cardinal red indicates a strong attraction, therefore ideal for conquering your love prey. The purple red instead is a real promise: it means eternal love. Again the fiery red symbolizes the flames that animate the passion between the two lovers.

The white rose

The white rose is the symbol of chastity, but it can also indicate a feeling of loyalty and brotherhood. It is often used as a decoration for wedding bouquets. In Scotland an ancient legend tells that the blossoming of a white rose is the foretaste of an imminent wedding. The white rose is also the symbol of innocence and purity, and is called the flower of light. It, like all white flowers, is linked to youthful love, and giving it a bud indicates that the girl is still too young for an engagement. Often this flower is used to decorate the graves of children or those of early dead; this is why in Wales, on Mother’s Day, all children who have lost their mothers usually wear it pinned to their chest.

The yellow rose

The yellow rose does not have a highly positive connotation. It is the symbol of jealousy, deceit and infidelity. In the Victorian era, however, it took on a different meaning; giving it away was indicative of a Platonic sentiment; it could be given as a sign of faithful friendship, or to show affection. If the rose has a bright yellow color it is the banner of jealousy on the part of the lover; if, on the other hand, it is edged with red, it can symbolize eternal love. A light yellow rose indicates the need for love confirmation, in this case it is the lover who asks for an answer to his courtship. However, it remains one of the most cheerful and lively flowers, and can also be given as a gift solely for its beauty. However, make this point clear to the one who will receive it as a gift.

Pink color meaning: The pink rose

The pink rose remains one of the most popular for its intense and delicate scent at the same time. It indicates a timeless elegance; the woman who will receive it as a gift will be a real lady, with an impeccable style and full of refinement. The feeling linked to the flower of this color is happiness, lightheartedness and immense admiration. The dark pink rose shows a feeling of gratitude towards those who receive it; while the clearer one indicates sympathy and cordiality. It can be the perfect gift between two friends; in this case the message it will bring will be tenderness and protection. The rose that tends to lavender instead indicates majesty; the lilac one is falling in love, the one violating desire. The latter also has a magical and mystical connotation.

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