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Tuberose flower

Among the various types of rose, belonging however to the Amarillidaceae family, there is the tuberose, a flower that is mainly used in wedding bouquets, or as a border flower, or to create elegant flower beds. It is a perennial plant that has tuberous roots, very long and fleshy leaves, curved outwards and a very bright green. The tuberose can reach almost two meters in height and comes from a bulb surrounded by various bulbils that must be buried; one of the peculiarities of this flower is that its is a summer flowering: the inflorescences have a panicle shape and emanate an intense and pleasant scent. The stems are straight and long, while the flowers are white. There are many varieties, including a very particular one, called the pearl,

Tuberose flower reproduction

Being a rhizomatous plant, unlike the common rose, the tuberose can only be multiplied by dividing the bulbs. It seems a difficult operation but in reality it is not at all, since each bulb already has small bulbs that grow around it and it is these that must be taken from the main rhizome and then buried to create new plants. Planting must be done in autumn, at the end of flowering, that is when every flower and every part of the plant dries up and the rhizomes begin the rest period. Usually, however, if you decide to plant the tuberoses directly in the ground, the bulbs can also be placed directly in the spring. Plants born from new rhizomes take a few years to produce abundant flowering.

Tuberose flower cultivation

The botanical name of this plant is tuberose polianthes: it is native to central-southern America, in particular to countries such as Mexico and Texas, where it is known above all with the name of nardo and vara de San Josè. In its countries of origin this particular rose is mainly used for decorative purposes in pots, while in our latitudes it is cultivated more as a garden plant. To ensure that it produces its first flower early, the tuberose needs very well-drained soil because, as with any bulbous plant, waterlogging could be fatal. Temperatures must never be below fifteen degrees, otherwise it is advisable to grow it in pots and keep it in the apartment. The important thing is that it is placed in a very bright place. The tuberose should be watered regularly during the summer,

Rose flower: Tuberose flower care and maintenance

Tuberose is a flowering plant that does not require special care. In spring and summer, however, it is advisable to fertilize the soil with organic products once a month; in autumn, on the other hand, at the end of flowering, which almost always coincides with the first cold weather, it is necessary to remember to remove the bulbs from the ground and put them to rest until the following spring. This rose should never be pruned, except to remove parts that are dry or damaged by bad weather. It is also necessary to pay attention to aphids and fungal diseases that mainly affect the stem: if this happens, it is necessary to intervene promptly with specific products to prevent the disease from reaching the bulb, which otherwise will rot and can therefore never be used again. Finally, you should know that strong winds could damage the long stems,

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