Pink flower

Garden, the pink flower

The rose is a bushy plant of the rosaceae rosoidee family, it has many species and varieties, in Italy 26 are recognized but there are about 2000 species. This plant has a thorny shrub with odd pinnate leaves, the leaves are composed of three to five , are oval or spear-shaped and of an intense green. The rose flower has 5 petals and 5 sepals, has a penetrating scent and has many colors, they vary from white to red to yellow to pink, the most common. Each garden has its own rose bush, this is divided into three types: bush roses, with different heights according to the type, from twenty-five centimeters to one and a half meters; climbing roses, which have stems that stretch over two and a half meters; sapling rose trees, with spherical foliage and are grafted on rods of varying height from one to two meters;

Meaning of its colors

The red rose has a different meaning for each shade of red: the intense one, sincere regret and pain; carmine, erotic fantasies; the cardinal, a very strong attraction; the one lit like fire, the flames of passion and purple, promises eternal love. The orange rose conveys energy, enthusiasm and pride. The peach-colored rose is a symbol of modesty, sincere appreciation and optimism for the future; the yellow one expresses jealousy, deception, betrayal and infidelity; white roses indicate purity, chastity, loyalty and respect; roses with a corolla shaded from white to green symbolize harmony, fertility, abundance. The pink colored rose conveys, elegance, refinement and happiness; the lilac one reveals the enchantment and the first emotion of love, while the lavender one expresses love at first sight and desire.

How to plant them

The queen of flowers, the rose, planted in the garden in the ground should be planted in autumn, because the earth is still warm, this will allow a florid growth for the following spring, while, the roses grown in pots can be planted at any time of the year, except in periods when frosts occur. The best position for these flowers must be sunny, as the sun favors their development and flowering, but it must also be ventilated and sheltered. A very important thing is not to plant the roses too close to the wall, in that position the soil would be too dry. Before planting the roses you have to put them all night in a bucket with water, you have to dig a hole large enough, so the rose bush can comfortably spread its roots.

Pink flower: Species

Among the roses there are many species and for every type of garden there is the right variety of rose, both for its colors and also for its characteristics. Among the most important and best known are: the red Baccara rose is the most popular and ancient, it is not very cultivated because it is very delicate to the changes in humidity that cause the early fall of the leaves; the Red Success rose, this red rose produces beautiful red flowers with about 50 petals per flower; the Visa La Rosa rose, is another splendid red rose that produces about thirty petals per flower; the Sonia rose is pink, it is the most popular and has been cultivated since 1990, has about twenty petals per flower and is very productive and adapts to lower temperatures; the 80w Cocktail rose, is yellow and has an imposing appearance, it is very large and is grown almost everywhere because it can be kept in water for a long time; the Candia rose is a mixture of colors called pagne-yellow and pink; the Bettina rose is famous for its delicate orange-yellow color, it is very suitable for winter cultivation. Blue roses are also very famous, these were artificially created, they do not exist in nature.

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