Pink rose meaning

The meaning of the pink rose

In all the cultures of the earth, the rose has always been used, since ancient times, as an ornament for some occasions or as a gift, but the main use that has been made of it is undoubtedly to have given it as a gift for declare your feeling of love to someone. However, the message changes depending on the color, the pairing of colors and the number of roses received or given, (even if in the bouquets the roses are preferably even in number, 12 minimum), but more generally 2 roses represent sharing and joining. . As for the colors, however, the meaning of the pink rose is certainly the sweetest one: “perfect happiness”; but the pink rose is also a symbol of gratitude (in the case of the dark pink) and of admiration and appreciation (in the case of the lighter pink).

The use of the rose in cosmetics

Cosmetics has well thought of stealing the beneficial properties of the rose to take care of the beauty of women, for this reason, also widely used in high perfumery – in the Chanel N ° 5 perfume for example – is precisely the essential oil of rose. But that’s not all, in fact, during the distillation process that is done with the petals to obtain this essential oil, distilled rose water is also obtained and preserved. The latter, thanks to its soothing and refreshing properties, is used in particular to formulate creams and lotions suitable for the most delicate and easily irritated skin. Since all the extracts of rose petals are practically provided with “pectins”, (substances that are able to keep the skin’s hydration state in balance even when it is very hot), ultimately,

Grow roses

If you want a beautiful rose bush in your garden, know that, except for a few small tricks to be strictly respected, roses are really easy to grow and are also very resistant. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to both the most suitable period for planting them and the location: the ideal months to plant them are March and April, but to ensure a luxuriant growth it is necessary to first prepare the soil with a fair amount of macerated fertilizer, flour of ‘bones and compost for gardens. It is also very important to choose a place where the sun comes at least for a few hours a day, and to place the roses far enough from other plants so that the roots do not compete; finally make sure that the stems of the planted roses are at least about 7.5 cm deep.

Pink rose meaning: In the kitchen with roses

Yep, that’s right! Roses are also an excellent ingredient for new and very special recipes. First of all the recipe for “sweet rice with roses and cherries”, let’s see together how it’s done! The ingredients are: Rose petals to taste 125 g of long-grain rice 750 cl of milk 60 g of butter 1 vanilla bean 8 egg yolks 150 g of sugar 8 sheets of isinglass The juice and zest of one lemon 5 dl of whipped cream 300 g of pitted cherries To prepare it, first boil the rice for 3 minutes, drain it and pour it into the milk (250 cl) with the vanilla and butter. Cook for about half an hour over low heat to absorb the liquid, remove the vanilla. Separately, whip the egg yolks with the sugar and add the remaining milk (lukewarm) and cook everything in a bain-marie. Remove the cream from the heat, add it to the gelatine sheets and when cold, add the lemon juice and zest. Finally, in a cake mold (greased with almond oil), put the rose petals on the bottom, then pour the rice and the pudding in alternating layers, surrounding everything with the cherries. Refrigerate for a while before serving.

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