Pink tulips

The tulip

The tulip is a flower of Turkish origin and is also the national symbol of Turkey, but it is especially associated with Dutch landscapes where tulips are grown in massive quantities as it is a region with a climate that is particularly suitable for the flower. It is said that it arrived in the West thanks to bulbs donated to a merchant who had bought Persian fabrics; when the merchant saw the colorful flowers bloom he had them studied by a botany expert and from that moment they spread rapidly also in Europe. April is the period of maximum flowering of this flower and many enthusiasts decide to go to Holland in spring just to admire the multicolored expanses of tulips. The name of the tulip comes from the word “tullband” which means “turban, headdress”

pink tulip in the foreground” width=”745″ height=”466″ longdesc=”/fiori/significato-fiori/tulipani-rosa.asp”>Like all flowers, tulips take on different meanings based on their coloring. The pink ones are suitable for a romantic declaration of love, where tenderness and care for the other are preceded by passion. They symbolize attention and care and are therefore very suitable as a birth gift, especially for girls. The pink tulips that tend to purplish represent modesty and in general these flowers are associated with simplicity because their structure is not very complex. The shape of the tulip, resembling a cup, unconsciously recalls the maternal womb, therefore this flower in psychology is compared to the relationship with the mother and gratitude towards those who take care of us, which is perceived as a source from which to draw knowledge and affection.

Red tulips meaning

The red tulip is associated, like the red rose, with passionate loves. According to legend, this flower was born from the blood of a young man who committed suicide as a result of a sentimental disappointment, which is why some believe that the tulip is suitable for intense but unhappy loves. There is no doubt about the fact that this flower symbolizes unbridled passions and strong erotic understanding as it was given by the sultans to women chosen to be part of their harem. Moreover, it is a metaphor of honest love that does not let itself be held back by any obstacle, it seems that the odalisques used red tulips to send messages to their lost lovers. Being a spring flower it is also associated with Easter and rebirth, as well as birth.

Tulips exist in nature of many varieties and many colors, all have different meanings to each other, but they have in common the fact of expressing a strong attachment, simple and sincere feelings. At the time of the Ottoman Empire these flowers were lucky charms that were represented on fabrics and flaunted by the sultans during lavish parties as a symbol of power. White tulips are associated with repentance and are given to ask for forgiveness, yellow ones are associated with birth or with unrequited feelings of love but are also given as a symbol of brightness and optimism, variegated tulips, therefore with various shades of color, are an ideal dedication for a person whose beauty is particular and out of the ordinary and therefore even more magnetic.

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