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Types: do-it-yourself in-ground pools made of sheet steel

There are many companies that have assembly kits for DIY in-ground pools available in their catalogs and the solutions vary depending on the type and material chosen. The simplest in-ground pools to build are those in steel sheet, coated with PVC material. The sheet metal pools have the advantage of not requiring complex masonry works, apart from the excavation, the construction of the slab and the retaining wall. The structure consists of a roll of steel sheet that will represent the perimeter of the tank on which the liner covering will be laid. Furthermore, the advantage of not needing costly periodic maintenance should be evaluated. Although this is the most requested solution due to the cost and ease of implementation,

Do-it-yourself in-ground pools in fiberglass monobloc

This type of do-it-yourself pool consists of a single-block fiberglass structure ready to be laid inside the excavation, complete with lights, vents and everything necessary for operation. The advantage of this type of swimming pool is the possibility of having a structure ready for use in a short time at a limited cost, without having to carry out demanding construction work. But fiberglass has some criticalities that make it inadvisable, as by absorbing the water, the surface of the material swells and cracks, quickly undergoing degradation. Another limitation is the difficult movement of the tank, which is often carried out with helicopters or exceptional transport, as well as the choice of highly stable soils as the glass cracks easily.

Do-it-yourself pools in concrete and steel panels

Concrete swimming pools represent a very expensive solution as, being completely composed of reinforcements, the construction is laborious. But the advantages that make it one of the most used choices are its solidity and customization. In fact, it is capable of adapting to every need in terms of design and sturdiness. Among the disadvantages, in addition to the low cost, are the heat loss, the continuous maintenance required and the long construction periods. Another possibility that finds an agreement between robustness and simplicity of construction are the prefabricated steel pools. The structure is made up of prefabricated steel panels and can be adaptable to any shape, while maintaining its strength and solidity.

Costs of assembly kits for do-it-yourself in-ground pools

Building a do-it-yourself pool is a long job that requires time and skills. Also for plumbing jobs, if you are not competent, it is always better to contact a professional. Each assembly kit contains the tools for cleaning and maintenance of the pool, such as skimmers, nozzles and filtering group, as well as accessories and the supporting structure of the construction, excluding lining materials. Costs vary according to the models and size chosen and start from a minimum of 2,500 euros for steel sheet pools to a maximum of 7,000 for concrete ones. The total price of the whole do-it-yourself work would be around 15/20 thousand euros, against the minimum 30 thousand that a professional might require.

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