Piscine in acciaio

The pool at home

Living in a large and airy house, with all the much desired comforts, with the necessary space for parties and big dinners with friends and relatives, with a garden where you can relax after work or in moments of pause, and with who knows how many other things it is. the house that everyone would like to have. For the more mature and responsible, or perhaps only for the most far-sighted, one begins as a teenager or shortly afterwards to dream of one’s own nest. It is obvious that everyone seeks the best for themselves, and if this means living in a place that satisfies us and welcomes us as we like it, then it is clear that everything becomes easier. An object, a piece of furniture that manages to embellish the home, bypassing even the simple boundaries of a definition as an “object” is the swimming pool: advertising campaigns all over the world have been trying for decades to inculcate the idea of ​​living like the stars, of living beyond one’s own economic limits and not, of dreaming what they say; the bad thing is that they are doing very well, and the swimming pool is one of those objects, of those things that seeing the beautiful villa of that Hollywood actor with his mega-pool, or that singer’s estate and his water park personal, it automatically makes us people who want these things. It must be clarified that these are not negative things, because the desire to imitate famous people can lead to madness much more serious than wishing to have a swimming pool in the garden, but if a person has to feel bad if he cannot or must do false papers to be able to afford a swimming pool,

The model to choose

The world of swimming pools has recently become very large; in fact, once upon a time, there were only masonry pools, those to be built a little at a time and which came to be paid almost as much as an apartment: the design and construction times are long, the materials and the work required are huge and of a certain level to ensure the necessary safety, the authorizations to proceed with the works are important enough to always be a gift, and it is for this reason that only a few people could and can afford it. But we said that now all this is no longer true because the world of swimming pools has expanded: well, today there are modular swimming pools, inflatable swimming pools even of a certain size, above ground pools with an exposed structure, and maybe even some high resolution that has not yet come into the limelight. Today we want to talk about steel pools, or modular pools whose tub is built in steel.

The modular pool

Let’s start by presenting the modular pool, and then go into the specific for the steel pool. A modular pool is a pool built in series and in a single piece: imagine a pool, very large and of a certain depth, which must be positioned outside in a specially made excavation to house it and make it become a swimming pool. Attention, we are not transforming a tub into a swimming pool, but we are describing what led the designers of such a solution to create it. The concept is simple, and it is roughly the one with which prefabricated buildings were invented; guarantee a certain speed of work, immediate availability for special cases thanks to mass production, they guarantee a not negligible cost-effectiveness compared to classic solutions (building in construction and the masonry swimming pool in the case of swimming pools), and it is for this reason that they are having a certain diffusion. The shape and other characteristics that we want for our pool are usually satisfied because this slice of the market is significantly expanding and therefore new models are coming out, to satisfy all needs, even purely aesthetic ones. For the material with which you want to decorate or embellish our pool, the choice is just as wide as it usually only involves covering the material with which the pool is actually built and therefore it is a very simple operation: they can be used tiles, mosaics, stickers, drawings, photographs, marble and other types of materials adaptable to the chosen shapes. But there is no lack of different construction solutions, such as steel.

Steel swimming pools: Steel swimming pool

The steel pool gives a hitech touch to the final result, veering towards the minimalist but elegant style typical of modern times. Furthermore, this material has frightening mechanical and resistance properties, so it adapts to the strangest shapes and the most intense uses of the pool. In short, this justifies a slightly higher price due to the processing necessary to make a very strong material take on the desired shape, but also capable of withstanding the weather for a long time and well.

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