Pisicne in fiberglass

The personal pool

It is no mystery that so many people dream of the greatest and most extravagant things for their future; very often the mind of a teenager or a boy can desire and plan almost surprising solutions for his own future. Many dream of making ends meet, others dream of a family, others try to find luck in other continents, still others want to travel the world, others would like to live doing what they like and enjoy; it is not uncommon, however, that these dreams are more conventional, that is, that they “limit” themselves to wanting a good job, topped off with a house of their own to share with their family. Maybe, in the midst of so much conventionality, you can even go a little further, and many do it: many people dream of having a garden near their home available, a garden where you can spend beautiful evenings with friends and relatives and where you can maybe one day build a swimming pool! Yes, this is one of the most recurring desires, both because it gives a feeling of material fulfillment, and because it somewhat satisfies that sense of imitation we feel towards those whom our society wants to impose on us as models, through television and advertising. : rich sportsmen, famous actors, great entrepreneurs and so on.

Choose the pool

One fine day maybe that long-awaited moment arrives that seemed so far away: analyzing our family and economic situation, we realize that after all this dream of a swimming pool in the garden is not so unattainable; certainly, like everything, it is obvious that sacrifices are needed, but the desire to give us something all to ourselves is great and we decide at least to begin to probe the ground. At one time this phase would have completely discouraged us, if our possibilities are not boundless; in fact, the first and most widespread swimming pool solution, that is the masonry swimming pool, has costs and bureaucratic and management problems that come to discourage even the most determined to become owners of a personal swimming pool. Fortunately, however, this is no longer the case today: technologies, the inventiveness of engineers and experts in the sector, the courage in proposing other solutions, have made it possible to introduce modular swimming pools, or also called fiberglass, from the most commonly used material to build them. Let’s all look into the benefits of this solution.

The fiberglass swimming pool

As we have already said, there are various reasons that led to the birth of modular or fiberglass pools; let’s start from the analysis of the name. By “modular” we mean a swimming pool that is built all in one piece, that is, like a tub, which then only has to be placed in position and fixed to the ground or to the support that must hold it. Let’s say that, to give an example and a comparison, it is like a prefabricated house: it is already designed and built, you just have to transport it to the place where it is to be positioned and nothing else. Instead, when we talk about “fiberglass”, we are referring to the material with which these modular pools are built in the vast majority of cases. This is certainly a slight generalization, as there are many examples of swimming pools built in different materials, but this polymer was the first to be used in this application and therefore characterized its name. Furthermore, fiberglass is appreciated for its mechanical properties (above all resistance in relation to weight) and aesthetic properties, because it can be decorated and colored at will and offers wide possibilities.

Why a fiberglass swimming pool

But what are the actual advantages of modular fiberglass pools (or similar materials)? First of all, making it an economic discourse, which always interests everyone, due to the effect of mass production, standardization and the more widespread and rapid diffusion of this constructive solution, the price of a modular swimming pool automatically drops precisely because the sales volumes are increased, with a single design and many faster and standard productions, and only transport and positioning is required. The comparison with the masonry pool from this point of view is unequal, as it requires a brick by brick processing, much slower and more cumbersome, which increases costs also due to the time it takes. By the way, this is another advantage of the modular fiberglass pool:

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