Planting avocados

Obtain the seed for planting avocados

The first operation that will take place in order to plant an avocado is the preparation of its seed. For this to be possible, it will be necessary to cut the fruit in half and carefully, taking care not to damage the stone inside. To do this, it is suggested to insert the blade of your knife at a depth that is no more than one and a half centimeters and make a rotary movement that follows the entire perimeter of the fruit. You will have to turn the two halves in a rotational and opposite direction and then separate them. The seed must be cleaned with the elimination of fruit residues. To do this, it is advisable to use warm water without soaps of any kind. Be careful not to remove the outer part of the seed as this could reduce the chances of germination.

How to prepare the seed for avocado planting

Once you have obtained a seed, you will have to prepare it so that it is possible to plant avocados. To carry out this operation, the seed must be grasped by holding the tip upwards. Once positioned in the best way, four toothpicks will be inserted in a position that is at least half of its length and placing them at a distance that is as fair as possible. It will be necessary to penetrate, with each toothpick, to a depth that is at least five millimeters. In this way you will have created the support to be able to keep the seed suspended above the edge of a container. At this point he will have to fill a glass with water and place the seed in it, placing it on top. It is important that the glass has the right size and that the seeds do not get stuck inside.

What to do to plant avocados

For the seed to sprout, the glass will need to be placed near a window to receive more light. To avoid mold, change the water at least every two days. It will take at least two or three weeks for the sprout to emerge and three or four weeks for the roots to emerge. It will be necessary to wait until the root system is strong enough and the sprout has developed its very first leaflets. Then we will proceed with the avocado planting. The plant will be placed outdoors only if the average temperature is ten degrees centigrade. Under different conditions it will be planted in a pot. Avocado adapts to any terrain. Gravel will need to be added to the soil to ensure good drainage of the substrate.

Avocado Planting: Making final for avocado planting

Once all the preliminary operations have been carried out, the bulb can be taken and placed in a vase. It is important that a clay pot is used and that it is filled with soil up to two centimeters from the bottom. To do this, you can use a mixture, in equal parts, of soil and coconut fiber. Now you can compact the soil and drill a hole in it that is large enough to accommodate the roots and plant avocados. Before placing the seed in the soil, the toothpicks will be carefully pulled out. Our sprout will be buried halfway, so you will be sure that part of the trunk does not rot. The soil around the seed will need to be compacted. The plant must be kept moist and care must be taken that the soil does not become muddy.

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