Plants for evergreen hedges

The best choice for evergreen plants

Trying to create our garden takes time and a great deal of dedication. DIY becomes very simple when we already know in advance which plants we have to choose, how we have to arrange them and which strange decorations to make. Evergreen climbing plants are used close to a gate and must be dense to create compact hedges. Boxwood is an evergreen plant that with the right technique allows you to create large spaces in the shape of a labyrinth and green sculptures. A barrier of colored hedges alternating with leaves and flowers is the ideal solution to defend our home and our intimacy. The mazes that have a regular shape and are constantly green become play areas for the little ones.

Animals and sculptures with hedges and scissors

The art of topiary is the creation of sculptures from evergreen hedge plants. It has now become a real fashion, a pastime for all those who want to create real masterpieces in their garden. The shapes can be small or large, animals, people or objects that lend themselves to being models of inspiration. True artists use different tools to create them; the less experienced, on the other hand, prefer to use a metal support, with which they copy the shape of the hedge. The bossano is one of the hedge plants that easily lends itself to sculpture. In garden stores, you can find various shapes and tools suitable for pruning hedges such as scissors or electric and petrol lawn mowers.

Eco-sustainable gardening through the right pruning

Hedge plant pruning methodology can be formal or informal. This depends on the lesser or greater compactness of the hedge, their thickness and their size. The villas and castles have a formal geometric pruning which is the cutting technique that goes from the bottom up, to accustom a plant to grow well within a metal shape. Informal pruning applies to shrubs that need to grow freely and neat at the same time. The care does not require regularity, although it is very important to carry out the cutting over time, so that the hedges do not thin out and grow irregularly. The pruning activity must be precise and careful and must follow the techniques.

Evergreen Hedge Plants: Where to Buy Evergreen Hedge Plants

Nurseries are the most recommended places to buy evergreen hedge plants for gardens. You can buy seeds, even if the growth of a plant and therefore the construction of a hedge takes too long. The right advice is to go to the nearest and most well-stocked nursery, get advice on the choice of plants, as it is necessary to consider the weather conditions and the land in which we live. The prices are different, this depends on the size of the seedlings, their age and the obstacles that can often be encountered in obtaining the plants. Quantity and quality are two aspects to take into consideration. If you buy a large number of seedlings, you also have a discount on those that cost more and have an excellent quality. Prices, anyway,

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