Plastic garden tables

Why choose plastic garden tables

There are many materials used to make garden tables. Wood is the most used material because it fits in an extremely harmonious way in the natural environment of your garden. It is a precious material, this does not allow it to be cheap, moreover it must be treated and constant maintenance must be done. PVC (polychlorinated vinyl), on the other hand, is a material that has recently entered the production of outdoor furniture and requires almost no maintenance. Plastic is the most used and purchased material because it is extremely cheap. The plastic garden tables in addition to costing are very light and resistant to shocks. Furthermore, they can be cleaned very easily and resist the damage that atmospheric agents can cause.

Shapes available for plastic garden tables

Plastic is a material from which it is possible to obtain numerous shapes which then remain in the configuration that has been achieved. The plastic garden tables are available in various shapes and as many sizes. It is possible to buy round, square or rectangular plastic tables. The shape is of great importance because it must be able not to ruin a natural environment like that of your garden, for this reason it is necessary to carefully observe the place and the point where it will be positioned. A small round table will go perfectly in a corner of the garden for relaxing moments. A square table can also be placed under a gazebo. A rectangular table is ideal for a large family or for evenings spent with friends.

Advantages and disadvantages of a plastic garden table

An advantage that plastic garden tables have is certainly that of zero maintenance. Unlike wood, plastic tables are able to not wear out over time and above all to resist humidity and water. Small signs of fading may occur after a few years, but it is still an extremely economical and durable material. Its lightness is a huge advantage, because it allows you to move it very easily from one point in your garden to another, while wood and iron are heavier and more difficult materials to move. Most plastic tables can be taken apart, thus taking up less space if you want to store them. Last but not least is the low price.

Plastic garden tables: Colors and cleaning for a plastic garden table

The plastic garden tables are available in various colors. White is the most common because it does not clash with green or even with the colors of the flowers. But the variations are many. The use of dark green plastic tables has become widespread because it is thought that it fits harmoniously into a natural environment. In reality, a table of this color almost blends in and neither the table nor the garden is enhanced. Better to place it on a clear platform, and it is preferable that a touch of white that contrasts the green of the garden is always present. Plastic tables are also easy to clean. The dust can be removed with a soft brush and then rinsing the table with hot water. To remove the dirt, simply add a little bleach to the hot water.

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