Pomegranate plant

The pomegranate plant. Everything you need to know

Shrubby fruit plant, the pomegranate plant produces juicy and flavorful fruits. The pomegranate plant blooms from May to August; the fruits are harvested before the winter season, usually between November and December. The pomegranate plant should be placed in a place in full sun but in a sheltered position. It should be watered regularly even if the pomegranate plant among the fruit trees is among those that resist the most to drought. The pomegranate plant strongly resists all kinds of diseases and parasitic attacks. The pomegranate plant produces juicy and very flavorful fruits. Really special fruits because they are made up of many small grains.

Between flowers and fruit, here is the pomegranate plant

Among the fruit trees, the pomegranate plant which belongs to the “Punica” family includes two species: the “Punica granatum”, that is the common pomegranate and the “Punica protopunica”. Originally from ancient Persia, the pomegranate plant has been cultivated since time immemorial in the land washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Considered a frugal and rustic plant, the pomegranate plant adapts to grow almost everywhere. The pomegranate plant is characterized by its red flowers, which sprout luxuriantly on the branches throughout the summer. Fruits with an intense color produce large fruits that inside them contain pulp berries full of juice. Fruits rich in antioxidant properties.

The best prices of pomegranate plants

Among the fruit trees, the pomegranate plant is one of the cheapest ones, in fact, with a minimum cost of about ten euros it is possible to bring home a medium-sized shrub. From the nurseries to the special department of the supermarket, up to the florist’s shop it is not difficult to find a beautiful pomegranate plant. The prices of the pomegranate plant tend to rise if the plant is to be purchased not with simple soil but in pots. The size of the plant will also determine the price. A small pomegranate plant will, in fact, have a lower price than a real fruit tree. In short, from the balcony to the garden to each his pomegranate plant for each his price.

Pomegranate plant: The pomegranate plant between myth and legend

It may be for the strong red color, it may be for the many juicy grains of which the fruit is constituted, but the pomegranate plant has always been considered a lucky plant. Symbol of prosperity and fertility, the pomegranate plant and its fruits have always found a place among the pages of literature and sacred texts. There are legends that the pomegranate is a fruit, born from the drops of the blood that flowed from the crown of thorns that surrounded the head of Christ on the cross. There are other legends that, on the other hand, already attribute the use of the pomegranate to the Phoenicians and the population of ancient Egypt. Between myth and legend, if you really want to make a gift you can safely rely on the pomegranate plant. Who will receive it will not be really satisfied.

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