Pool cleaning

The personal pool

The swimming pool in the backyard is a privilege that very few people can afford and can boast of. In fact, despite the widespread desire to own one, the necessary conditions for this desire to materialize are still so great that it remains something rare. Starting to talk about this widespread desire, it must be said that this is due to a reason that we could call “advertising”, in reality, it is not the usual advertising intended as television commercials, flyers or anyway various advertisements. The advertising that we mean in this case is a sort of psychological conditioning that television, some newspapers and the cinema do towards us; this thing happens through showing how the most famous people of entertainment and sports live and immersed in what luxury, which we always adore thanks to the mythicization that happens about them by the same means of communication mentioned above. They clearly live in houses and living arrangements that are directly proportional to their six or seven zero income, and it is obvious that their houses have for example a huge swimming pool in the garden. The thing that is absolutely not normal is that all this is passed on to ordinary people as the only way to live well and happy, to feel important and to be recognized by society. This unfortunately creates phenomena of imitation and an inordinate desire to be like those people who damage the normal course of life of too many people.

Take care of the pool

Fortunately, the desire to own a swimming pool is among the healthiest things to desire, both because it is a healthy activity for everyone and because we must confess that for many people this desire was already present before or would have been so even without the mythization we talked about in the previous paragraph. But the great thing is that many people do not know how difficult it is to take care of a swimming pool, once we have bought it and built it permanently in our garden. In fact it is not only difficult to reach (due to the space necessary to contain it abundantly to allow free passage around it and due to the investment that must be made from an economic point of view), but it is also reasonably difficult to take care of over the years. These “treatments” must ensure both an accurate level of hygiene and cleaning of the pool, and ensure that it does not lose value over time due to the small damage that the natural passing of time itself causes. Today we focus in particular on the topic of swimming pool cleaning, which is very important to fully enjoy this jewel without incurring diseases, allergies and other things.

Cleaning of swimming pools

Swimming pool cleaning is an operation that is burdensome only for those who have no intention of enjoying this beautiful fortune they have received. We first specify that the “very happy” actors or sportsmen of the newspapers hire cleaning and maintenance teams that allow them to forget about these aspects and enjoy only the beauty of the pool, and for this reason they probably don’t even know what to do. in a swimming pool. It is obvious that we mere mortals can do this too, clearly if we have a certain financial availability (even if our cleaning “team” will be much smaller and less expensive than the exaggerated ones in Hollywood and surroundings) and we do not want or can put ourselves personally in the care of the pool. The importance of cleaning both the pool and the surrounding environment lies in the fact that water can be a fairly effective vehicle for skin diseases, especially caused by bacteria and other agents that exploit the opening to nature of the pool to almost nest and to be able to attack us when we dive. The image is a bit raw, but let’s say the process is more or less this. Not only that, when we dive and spend a lot of time in the water, we are vulnerable, and even more so are our children who may innocently play and sometimes could swallow a drop of water, which therefore we must always try to keep clean.

Pool cleaning: Cleaning products

The cleaning products for our pool can be found both from the person who sold us the pool, who will be able to advise us on which products to buy and where, being an expert in this branch, and in DIY and DIY stores. that deal with all the topics related to the care of their personalized properties. In general, these are some disinfectant and protective chemicals that must be periodically added to the water, an example of which is chlorine and its derivatives. But not only that, because there are specific products for the regenerating treatment of water filters, as well as products used to wash and clean the inside of the tank, once it has been emptied to have it thoroughly cleaned. For the surrounding environment, on the other hand, there are protective products against moles,

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