Pool games

Fun in the pool

The swimming pool is a place where the human being seems to rediscover the joy of being in contact with nature; immersed in a natural element, and specifically in the most important natural element of all for his life, man feels free and returns to that light-heartedness that is a rare and precious commodity in today’s world, made only of stress and continuous ran to fulfill all commitments and all appointments. For this reason the sport of swimming is very popular among people engaged in offices or in various jobs, because both in the lunch break and at the end of the day it can be a very useful tool to recharge in the best possible way and continue living the rest with a certain serenity. But not only, this is also one of the main reasons why so many people want to own a personal swimming pool in the garden: coming back from work and commitments and knowing that you can enjoy your swimming pool with your family is a thought that lifts the soul even before come true. In short, having fun in the pool is healthy fun and beneficial for physical and mental health.

Children in the pool

But who are those who can be defined as the masters of fun, those who manage to have fun and feel good with little? Simple: children! Children have the incredible power of being able to have fun with any object and in all possible situations, thanks to the fervent and lively imagination and the lightheartedness typical of their age. Sometimes it could be defined as lightness, but it is not at all because many studies on the subject have shown with the game for the child it is a moment of seriousness and commitment, a moment of growth among the most important of his age. Carrying all this to the case of the swimming pool, we can only imagine how much a child can have fun and grow in a swimming pool. In fact, the swimming pool, being immersed in water, causes sensory, physical, movement stimuli, that they have nothing to do with what the child has already experienced in the rest of the outside world; these sensory innovations contribute to increasing his cultural background and experiences, which will do nothing but good for his growth and the harmonious development of his head and body.

Pool games

For a child to be able to have fun and take all that is positive in playing in the pool, it takes the right conditions and also some tools. Let’s say first of all that a fundamental prerequisite for the presence of the child in the pool is adequate safety. Even if so far we have celebrated all the positive aspects of playing in the pool for adults and children, especially children are still very vulnerable in an environment that can be very different from the free air in which they are very used. It is true that children have a good relationship with water, but if for some reason they end up with their heads under the surface of the water, they may not be able to get up simply because they do not yet have the right balance and orientation development and the right experience to understand that the air will be upward. Well, therefore, for example, life jackets and armrests will be very important, which the parent can pass as a game but which in reality have the only function of helping the child to float and therefore to stay as much as possible with his head above the water. , thus avoiding the risk of drowning. Apart from these, there are also many others thus avoiding the risk of drowning. Apart from these, there are also many others thus avoiding the risk of drowning. Apart from these, there are also many otherspool games that allow children to have fun in complete safety and to physically and psychologically experience being in the water. The most common pool games loved by young and old (by the way, adults always say they keep the little ones company but they often go wild more than the little ones themselves) are sports games: handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other very common sports. are modified and adapted especially in the structures to allow the performance in water.

Pool games: Materials and principles

To adapt a sport to a pool game it is necessary, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, to partially modify both the structures and the rules of the game. For example, the principle that governs all water games is that both the ball and the structure must either float or stay out of the water anyway. It is for this reason that the soccer and handball style goals are equipped with an air cushion so that they float, or that the same happens with a basket to allow you to play in the water itself. To this is associated the modification of the materials, necessary for the buoyancy but above all for the safety of those who play and above all of the busy children. For example, all dangerous corners must be rounded off, hard surfaces must be replaced with soft ones,

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