Pool slides

The beauty of a swimming pool

Starting an article on a topic close to swimming pools with a title like this can be all too obvious, because the swimming pool in the popular and common imagination is really something very close to a dream. In fact, many people wish from a very young age to have a swimming pool in their home one day; the actual realization of this dream is then much more difficult, because to do this there must be logistical conditions (the space needed for a swimming pool is a non-negligible component, because there is no need only for the square meters of the swimming pool, but of other additional space around to avoid that we then have problems of “viability” and safety for the elderly and children who risk a lot if forced by the limited space to pass near the edges of the pool itself) and economic conditions, to be put in good account both for the initial investment and for maintenance, a too little known aspect of the life of a swimming pool. Having said that, the beauty of a swimming pool can be many things: relaxing in the evening after the busyness of work and errands to attend to, living a different morning when the weather permits, spending hours relaxing with your partner, giving beautiful parties. around the pool like in the movies, play with friends or with your children and see them have fun in complete safety and without having to pay and reach a decent water park.

Playing in the pool

Among the many positive sides of owning a swimming pool at home, today we want to talk about the playful aspect. Playing is important, and it must absolutely not be seen as a childish and crazy activity if done by adults. Playing, having fun and having fun, especially laughing, are fundamental activities for mental health, especially when we find ourselves living in a world like the modern one, made up of stress and frenzied rhythms in every moment of the day and for anything. If we are lucky enough to understand these things and also own a pool, well then it goes without saying that we will love pool play. There are many games that can be played in the pool, distinguishing them both in classic games and in sports games. Classic games are trampoline, gymnastics, jumps, swims, the slides and all those activities that have always belonged to the nature of the pool. Sports games, on the other hand, derive a little from the relationship between the pool and the sea: at sea with friends you can play football, beach tennis or other activities. From this, it has been transported and adapted to the pool and therefore we have for example the ball with doors such as water polo, or the ball and baskets for basketball (obviously floating and with a special structure), the net and the ball for volleyball (same speech as basketball), or even rackets and the like for an aquatic variant of tennis.

Pool slides: Material for slides

Obviously, a pool slide must guarantee safety, otherwise the fun may end soon. Therefore, often for this game a large pool is required and also deep enough, to prevent the child from getting hurt by touching the bottom violently with his feet or in any case touching us with some other part of the body. The materials with which the pool slides are madethey are different and even more sought after than those for normal slides. This often also entails a higher cost, but if we talk about child safety then it seems a duty to us. Returning to the subject of materials, they are mostly plastics, treated both to make them slippery and non-abrasive by friction, and to color them and make them flexible enough and folded against accidental impacts. Most of the slides are fixed, but there are some examples of floating slides which, however, are suitable for very large pools as there is always a risk of overturning and overturning going to fall on dry land and hard is not pleasant for anyone and imagine for children.

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