Pool tiles

The masonry swimming pool

Today we are talking about the most popular model of swimming pool, which is also the first model that has always existed in the panorama of private swimming pools, namely the masonry swimming pool. We all know (and all of you too, both for personal culture and because on our site you can find extensive and interesting references to the models of swimming pools available on the market) that swimming pools are divided into a number of different models nowadays. , born for the needs of several classes of economic possibilities and for various logistical situations and needs. We must necessarily underline that some of these new models are made possible by the innovation of the construction technique, especially if we stop at those models that use plastics as a basic component (and nowadays they are many and widespread). Nevertheless, the best seller in the world of private garden pools remains the masonry pool; the reasons are various, and a non-negligible component of them is linked to psychological issues: people who have an average salary, an average financial situation and an average house, will never think of engaging in the purchase of a swimming pool, even if they have the possibility of space and economy (the latter obviously with some sacrifices); but this happens because this thing is seen as unthinkable, this as “when you are rich” buying a swimming pool, both because you may not know the evolution of the price market and because you have a sort of fear and feel inadequate towards that image of wealth that everyone perceives towards a house with a swimming pool.

The staging

The answer to the final question of the previous paragraph may be unexpected and even unpleasant for some, but we love to express with sincerity what we have studied for a long time: yes, the prices for the construction of a masonry swimming pool are relevant, we are talking about a few dozen. thousands of euros, with considerable variations in any case on the basis of the surface extension of the tank, its depth and even more with regard to the chosen finishes. Dwelling on this last aspect, it must be said that the preparation of the swimming pool, that is everything concerning the necessary finishes, the equipment for care and maintenance, is one of the most important tasks both to ensure that the pool fully satisfies the owner, and both because it lasts over time and does not require an excessive dose of money to maintain it.

The tiling

The tiling of the pool is a fundamental operation, crucial in the construction phase of the pool itself. It consists in arranging the tiles on the inside walls of the swimming pool, with particular designs or fantasies according to the wishes of the commissioner. In reality, if we want to go deeper into the question, the main uses of tiling are two, one of a technical nature and the other of an aesthetic one. From a technical point of view, tiling also includes the phase that involves laying the waterproof layer on which the pool tiles themselves rest; this phase is therefore essential to ensure the water insulation of the pool itself, both at the outlet (to avoid water leaks) and at the inlet (to prevent earthy material or similar from entering the pool water). Not only this, however, because we have also announced an aesthetic part of the tiling, which is very often more considered; thanks to artists, games of colors and combinations, it is possible to create very pleasant patterns on the bottom and on the side walls of the pool, in such a way as to make the whole pool pleasant to the eyes and to the touch.

Pool tiles: creative combinations

What is the most artistic evolution of tiles? Simple, the mosaic. It is a very old art form, dating back to peoples of thousands of years ago. But today it is very much in vogue, because it is possible to recreate patterns that, thanks to innovative materials, for example, are able to stand out even at night, with immersed lights to amplify the effect. Not only that, a mosaic also allows you to convey an idea of ​​luxury and exclusivity that many owners of swimming pools try to achieve through these luxurious furnishings, but which are so aesthetic. This is particularly associated with the search for special and even surprising combinations, in a cinematic style: we are referring to those combinations between immersed night lights and outdoor diffuse lights that simulate the luxurious swimming pool of an important hotel and the locations of great films.

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