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Floor ashtray

After having furnished your garden with extreme attention and care, you want it to remain a welcoming and pleasant place for yourself and your guests: keeping it tidy and clean is therefore essential for those who love to spend time inside their own space. green. For this reason, even in private gardens and courtyards it is possible to have ashtrays, the same ones that are also found in public places. In this way you can safely smoke outside the home and have an ashtray at hand, with a functional location, to eliminate the remains. Ashtrays are useful, but also decorative elements: on the market there are infinite models also of elaborate design, which can bring a touch of elegance and refinement to the space.

Ashtray with waste bin

To ensure maximum functionality of the furnished space, it is possible to opt for ashtrays including waste bins: also in this case, it is not necessary to rely on impersonal and cold models as can be found along the streets, but with a little attention and a careful research it is possible to select design products that will constitute an added value within the green space, also from an aesthetic point of view. It will be possible to place more ashtrays, for an effect of greater harmony and symmetry, taking advantage of the additional convenience of the underlying waste bin, perhaps to manage separate waste collection outside the home, without having to go directly to the common containers or inside home whenever the need to throw something arises,

Outdoor ashtray: Wall ashtray

Permanent installations can be constituted by wall ashtrays: they will be fixed directly to the external walls of the house, thus without constituting any kind of obstacle or encumbrance in a space of limited dimensions and at the same time offering the possibility of eliminating cigarettes and waste without having to leave the garden. Since they will be fixed to the walls, it is naturally advisable to carefully choose the place for positioning the ashtrays on the walls, so that they do not constitute a clutter and do not hinder the passage, since the removal, even if possible, would be less easy than the removal of a simple ashtray placed on the ground. Also in this case, they range from the wittiest models to elaborately designed products,

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