Potted lemon

The lemon

The lemon is a plant that belongs to the genus Citrus, and is thought to derive from a hybridization that occurred in nature between two other citrus species. Although some scholars maintain that it was already known in ancient Rome, in reality it originated in China and would have arrived in Italy only in the Middle Ages, around the tenth century. At first it was used only for ornamental purposes; later the fruits began to be consumed. In nature there are many different varieties of lemon, which can be differentiated by certain morphological characteristics, but not much in substance. In Italy it is not unusual to see potted lemon plants in gardens: in fact, the saplings are beautiful to look at, with green leaves and white flowers in spring. They can reach six meters in height, and bear fruit twice a year.

The lemon plant in the garden

The lemon tree, therefore, can be planted in the garden, but it can also be kept in pots, in order to better protect it from the winter cold. What is essential, for the potted lemon plant to grow luxuriantly and above all to bear fruit, is that it has many hours of sunlight during the day, that it is always sheltered from winds and bad weather, and that it never frosts or sudden drops in atmospheric temperature. The ideal would be to place the pot in a corner of the balcony, or of the house, exposed to the sun and sheltered from the air. The potted lemon plant can be purchased while still young in a nursery, but it can also be grown from a lemon seed that you have at home. Before proceeding it is good to choose the right pot, and compose the appropriate soil.

How to plant lemon

First, you need to choose a pot that is at least 30 centimeters in diameter. Care should also be taken to choose it in terracotta or clay, and not plastic. The soil must be rich in both animal and vegetable and mineral nutrients. The seed must be buried and then watered regularly: the potted lemon plant needs constant water, and prefers places where there is humidity, but you must always avoid stagnating water, periodically emptying the saucer. After four or six weeks, the plant will begin to germinate and emerge from the ground: when it has reached a height of 12-15 centimeters, it can be repotted into a larger pot. As we said, the place of planting must be chosen with care, so that the lemon plant in pot does not suffer from the cold,

Potted Lemon: How to Care for the Potted Lemon Plant

Potted lemon plants need to be repotted once every two or three years, when they are young, and then, as they get older, every four years. This operation serves to provide soil with greater nutritional virtues and to allow the roots to expand. This procedure must be carried out until the tree is placed in a pot with a diameter of 80 centimeters, after which it will no longer be necessary. During the spring, to favor the development of the fruits, a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium can be supplied to the lemon plant in pot. Pruning, on the other hand, must be done between February and March, and should not be too drastic, but only serve to give airiness and light to the foliage. When growing a lemon plant in a pot, you have to pay close attention to parasites:

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