Potted lemons

The lemon plant in pot, where to place it in summer and winter

The lemon plant is easy to grow, it is ideal for any garden. There is no need to buy the plant, to have it just plant the lemon seed in a pot of at least 30 cm in diameter, with a soil rich in nutrients, water every day, for at least 6 weeks, sometimes even less depending on the temperature, then enjoy the first sprouts. When the plant has reached 15/20 cm in height, it is necessary to change the pot. Lemons need light and air, so they must be placed in a large and bright space, protected, however, from the wind and drafts, so it is preferable to place them close to an external wall of the house, on which it beats. the sun at least 6 hours a day. In winter, however, the lemon plant in potsit must be sheltered because it does not tolerate rigid temperatures, therefore it must be moved either to a patio or under a canopy or to a greenhouse, to avoid overheated and dry interiors because this plant needs humidity. There are special canvas covers for lemon trees to put on when the temperature drops below 12 °.

Potted lemon, which fertilizer to use

Potted lemons need fertilizer when you first plant the seed in the appropriate pot, in this case you need fertilizers with a high content of nutrients, plants or animals. For the flowering process, however, in spring, a high percentage of boron and zinc is required. While to promote the growth of the fruits, a fertilizer with a high level of potassium is needed. The best method to have suitable fertilizers for these Mediterranean citrus fruits is to mix compounds of animal or vegetable origin with substances of mineral origin such as nitrogen, potassium, zinc, iron, manganese. Home compost is also good for potted lemon plants, if you are producing it, this one, however,

Potted lemons: pruning and repotting

The lemon plant needs to change pots to have a larger container that allows the roots to spread out and widen, and therefore to grow more luxuriant than before. Another significant benefit of repotting is the replacement of the earth which will be fresher and therefore more nutritious for the plant. When should the vase be changed? The best time is in June, when there is plenty of light and still fresh air. If the plant is young, repotting should be done every three or four years, if instead the plant is an adult, the operation can be repeated every four years. It does not take huge pots, you can start with a pot of 30 cm in diameter up to a maximum of 70 cm in adulthood of your plant. The best vases are those in terracotta or stone; plastic ones are absolutely not recommended. When to prune lemons? These citrus plants should be pruned before flowering, in February maximum early March. It is advisable to simply thin out the dry branches, without exaggerating with the cuts, the important thing is that the plant after pruning has enough light and air.

Diseases of potted lemon plants, how to fight them

When the leaves and branches of your lemon tree are yellow and dry, it is likely that it has been affected by a parasite, the fungus. What to do? To save the plant and its fruits, it is necessary to prune the branches and eliminate the dry leaves to give the plant air again. If, on the other hand, the bark of the plant has dark rubbery formations that extend to the roots, so much so that they rot, we are in the presence of another fungus. The remedy against this fungus is to detach the diseased parts of the bark and put cupric salts on the wounds of the bark. If a white patina forms on the leaves, it can be a bacterium, the scale insects, to fight it just pass a little cotton soaked in alcohol on the leaf.The lemon plant should be watered every day, the earth must always be humid, But beware of water stagnations, which are very harmful, to avoid them fill the soil with expanded clay balls. The lemon plant needs a lot of water in the flowering period, in spring, and in the fruiting period.

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