Prefabricated houses

Wooden houses

They are full of charm, easy to make and ready in a short time: wooden houses are increasingly an established reality in the world and are also gaining ground in Italy. Here, usually, the wooden structures are mostly used, according to tradition, in mountain areas, but also the realizations in the territories of different climatic conditions are gaining ground. Wooden houses are usually bought to give life to second homes for sporadic use, but more and more frequently they become the choice for the construction of the house in which to live on a daily basis. Within the vast category of wooden houses, however, some distinction must be made: the definition includes small buildings designed to offer a small shelter within the garden, up to real homes that have nothing to envy to traditional masonry constructions. The former can be purchased at shops dedicated to the garden, do-it-yourself and outdoor furniture, while for the second type it will be necessary to contact specialized companies. Before making the purchase of a wooden house, it will be necessary to verify that the environmental and climatic conditions are adequate, then choosing from the proposals of the various companies that guarantee a wide variety of styles and the possibility of customizing the construction.

Masonry houses

When it comes to small prefabricated houses we usually think of wooden houses: on the market there are also many models made of masonry, even small ones. The prefabricated masonry houses offer, in addition to the total safety and complete solidity of the material, also all the advantages of a prefabricated construction, designed to make the best from an aesthetic and energy point of view, reducing the environmental impact and taking advantage of extremely tight delivery. Masonry houses guarantee maximum durability without the need for frequent renovations, for a significant final saving over time. The prefabricated masonry house can be an optimal solution for the purchase of prefabricated houses even where the use of wood as a cladding material is not allowed: wooden houses, in fact, despite providing better conditions of energy saving, but not always they can be installed and require more maintenance than brick constructions. The choice, therefore, must be made on the basis of the aesthetic characteristics, but also of the quality of the material and of the environmental characteristics.

Mobile homes

The category of prefabricated houses also includes mobile homes: unlike those in wood or masonry with a fixed arrangement, mobile homes are designed exclusively for temporary use and not to constitute a first home. They are ideal for positioning on land in places where only a limited portion of time is expected to be spent during the year, such as vacation spots. The main advantage of mobile homes is that they can also be positioned on non-building land, precisely because they do not constitute a stable and immovable intervention. On the contrary, mobile homes can be transported on wheels and moved with extreme ease, thanks also to the modular construction system that allows the structure to be modified and made to dimensions suitable for transport. In any case, the dynamism of mobile homes does not imply a lower safety as regards the solidity of the structure. Mobile homes can have different sizes and different internal characteristics, in order to meet the needs of all those who wish to use them, from individuals to entire families.

Garden sheds

Prefabricated houses are structures made with modules that can be assembled extremely quickly inside the garden: the dimensions and internal characteristics may vary greatly depending on the models and types desired, as well as on the intended use. The larger and more elaborate prefabricated houses can in fact constitute an alternative solution to traditional homes, be temporary second homes or reserved for guests, or be simple and agile structures that can be used both to spend their free time and to store objects and tools. use for garden care. Having a sheltered place available for tools useful for the care of greenery is in fact important and allows you not to have to allocate portions of your home to them and not have the constant fear of dirtying the internal surfaces. The garden sheds can be made of different materials, usually the most common are wood and PVC: inside it is possible, thanks to the presence of windows, to create small greenhouses in which to keep the plants in the winter. The wooden houses, if of adequate size, can also be an excellent space in which to devote yourself to your hobbies, sheltered from the summer heat or winter cold, without having to dirty the house or occupy a special room in this way. Installing the garden sheds is very simple and quick,

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