Prefabricated wooden houses

Fixed arrangement prefabricated houses

In America they are an already consolidated and widespread reality, but also in Europe they are becoming increasingly popular: prefabricated wooden houses are one of the most popular solutions to replace traditional brick houses. Suitable for building stable homes, like the more traditional ones, prefabricated houses offer many advantages both for the buyer himself and from the point of view of environmental impact. Prefabricated houses can have different sizes and structures, with ample possibility of customization by those who make the purchase, reduced costs and delivery times. Within the category of prefabricated wooden houses there are, in reality, different types of structures, from those that are mobile and designed for temporary use, up to the large buildings that can become the first home, passing through the houses to be placed on land owned perhaps in view of long periods of presence of guests, to be welcomed in maximum comfort and offering them total independence. Also in Italy the number of companies specialized in the construction of prefabricated wooden houses is growing, with delivery throughout the national territory: consulting more companies before making the choice will allow you to identify the one to provide the services most in line with your needs. .

Environmental requirements

While it is true that prefabricated wooden mobile homes can be positioned on any type of land, even non-buildable, regardless of the environmental characteristics, a few more small evaluations are instead necessary for prefabricated wooden houses with fixed disposition. Despite the apparent fragility of the construction material, even wooden houses can remain in excellent condition for a very long time, provided that the necessary maintenance operations are carried out correctly. Some environmental characteristics can favor the good conservation of the house and also prove to be to the advantage of energy efficiency: among these, the location in environments with a climate that is not excessively humid and with good exposure to sunlight, which will be used for energy production and for the functional lighting of the interior spaces. The wooden house offers excellent insulating properties both in summer and in winter; they will naturally be enhanced by their placement in an environment with limited temperature changes and a temperate climate.

Mobile homes

The category of prefabricated wooden houses also includes mobile homes: these are structures of very different types and intended for different functions. Unlike prefabricated houses available permanently, mobile ones are characterized by the possibility of being moved with ease, thanks to the modular structure and approval for road transport. These are wooden houses that can reach considerable dimensions, offering maximum comfort and being suitable to accommodate more people, equipped with wheels for easy transport. However, this type of prefabricated house offers the possibility of customization during the construction phase, to adapt to the needs of the buyer. These are houses that do not require placement on building land,

The advantages of wood

Prefabricated houses can also be built in masonry, however, offering advantages from the point of view of energy efficiency and delivery and installation times. However, the prefabricated house market relies heavily on wood in particular, as a material that can provide significant benefits for builders and buyers. As a natural element, the environmental impact is reduced, while this characteristic also makes it economical from the point of view of processing costs. The wooden houses can be painted or left in their natural color, for a high possibility of customization and the ability to fit into any environment in a harmonious way and without creating heavy detachments. Wood is also a material that, carefully treated, constitutes a good insulator, improving the energy efficiency of the building. It is possible to choose the construction of prefabricated houses with wood coming from the areas close to the construction company, to further reduce the impact on the environment and contain costs. Prefabricated wooden houses, if properly followed from the point of view of maintenance, can guarantee solidity and durability like traditional brick houses.

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