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Garden work

Who said that entertainment is just reading, playing soccer with friends, watching TV or spending hours surfing the internet without worries? Leisure is above all an activity that amuses and interests us, and this also includes the fact that leisure can also be… work! Surely a superficial reader is already thinking of changing the article, but please keep reading and you will understand. Leisure activates the mind, distracts and cheers it up; if we are bored in front of the television or the computer, assaulted by boredom, will our mind rejoice or end up getting nervous? Here, put next to this concept an example of work-hobby and that’s it: gardening. Maybe you have a green thumb yourself, or you know people who love gardening and practice it in their free time;

Work tools

Having said that there are jobs that make us happy and that improve the quality of our life, let’s move on to analyze which tools allow us to do them effectively in the case of gardening; The fact that a few very simple tools are enough to carry it out has also contributed to the spread of this hobby: spade, shovel, hoe, rake, bucket and wheelbarrow. These are the same tools with which our great grandparents worked their land to live a hundred years ago, so: 1) we will certainly have some at home or in any case it will be possible to get them in a short time and with little or no expense, 2) it is understood that gardening comes from working in the fields as an origin, therefore it is positive because it brings us into contact with nature and because it awakens in us memories that are preserved in our genes (since the work of the earth has been done by man since the earliest civilizations). Of course, if we have a field they will be the real tools of the grandfather, but if we have a garden or a few potted plants on the ground or on the balcony, well then we will also need the scale reproductions made especially for these situations, which can always be purchased in the centers. of commerce dedicated to bricolage and in the shops of household items.

Modern tools

The tools we have previously mentioned are the basis of all work with the earth, both in the fields and in the garden, but in modern times the world has gone further and technological and scientific research has also «invaded» our countryside. Basically the discourse started to guarantee the survival of the agricultural industry, which already at the beginning of the twentieth century was about to be overtaken in terms of productivity and profit margins by heavy industries; so it was decided to create more efficient, faster and more precise tools, which lowered the need for manpower and guaranteed jobs in less time. This is how tractors, lawn mowers, harvesters, combine harvesters, scarifiers, sprayers and all the other motor machines that are used today in the agricultural world were born.

Pressure washers

One of the operations that most bores the human being and therefore tends to be avoided even by the most willing is to clean; it seems to everyone a heavy thing, because so much «dirt is reformed» and because everything seems to never end. This is also valid in the context of a garden, when the dry leaves reform already ten minutes after we have swept them fighting against a wind that regularly dispersed them before being able to accumulate them in a bucket. It was therefore decided to find a solution to all this too, because too many gardens were becoming dirty; and high pressure washers were born: machines equipped with a small boiler (gas but above all electricity) to produce hot water and / or steam, with which to clean and sterilize every corner of the garden; not only that, in cases where they are powered by an internal combustion engine, often the function of cleaning with steam is accompanied by the possibility of vacuuming leaves and other residues, completely avoiding the use of a mallet and broom for the joy of all, we must be honest. The prices of this «precious» tool are not at all monstrous, on the contrary the most recent models are so efficient that they consume very few compared to a few hundred euros of expenditure to buy them, obviously by going to those DIY and DIY shops so widespread today. ‘today in the city.

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