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Garden umbrellas and prices: the ideal material to choose

Before buying a garden umbrella it is good to know which material is the best. The choice of garden umbrellas must also be made on the basis of quality / price. In fact, your umbrella must be able to withstand a cold climate, precipitation and gusts of wind. The material used most by companies for the construction of garden umbrellas is wood. This material, in fact, is able to adapt harmoniously to any type of environment, giving life to a welcoming place. If you prefer a much more solid and resistant umbrella, then the best material is metal. They are the least economical ones if you only consider the prices, but in the long run you will save money because they are much longer lasting. The metal umbrellas are very resistant especially on rainy or windy days. Another material is plastic. It cannot compete with wood and metal in terms of resistance, but if you want a temporary, cheap, low-priced umbrella that you can move or remove as you please, then this is for you.

Plastic garden umbrellas: cheap but not very resistant

A parasol made mostly of a plastic material will certainly be inexpensive. The structure is often made of steel, but you will surely notice that it is a thin structure and therefore not very resistant. The weight of a plastic garden umbrella is almost negligible, in fact the convenience of a parasol made of this material is the ease with which you will be able to move it to various parts of your garden. The sheets of these umbrellas are coated in PVC (Polychlorinated vinyl), a material widely used and known throughout the world for its waterproofness. If your goal is savings and comfort, then choose this type of parasol for your garden. The prices of a large umbrella made with these materials start from 10 Euros and can reach higher figures based on the quality of the other materials used. The colors available are really many and imaginative.

Wooden garden umbrellas: beautiful, functional but you need to take care of them

The solution of an umbrella made of wood is certainly one of the best and also one of the most popular and widespread. Wood is a universal material that adapts to any type of environment. You can place it near a swimming pool or in the beautiful garden of your garden, between the colors of the flowers and the green of the lawn. Choosing a wooden garden umbrella will satisfy your every desire. In fact, it will greatly improve the beauty of the garden, giving it class, charm and creating harmony with the surrounding environment. Choose carefully the type of wood with which it is made: there are many shades of wood, therefore evaluate which one fits harmoniously between the plants of your garden. Since wood is a natural material, atmospheric agents could ruin it over time. For this reason it will be necessary to treat it with products that can protect it from bad weather. Prices range from 100 Euros upwards. It obviously depends on the size of the umbrella, the quality of the wood and the solidity of the structure.

Garden umbrellas prices: Metal garden umbrellas: quality and resistance

Choosing to buy a garden umbrella made of metal is certainly the best solution. The total stability that these umbrellas offer is certainly their strong point. The metals in question are mainly iron and aluminum. The endless variety of metal umbrellas available makes the choice even easier. In addition, your garden will acquire elegance, refinement and charm. Unquestionably, metal is the best material, with all the qualities that a garden umbrella must necessarily have to be able to last over time. An excellent umbrella with a solid metal structure, a polyester canvas capable of resisting tearing, can cost 149 euros and reach even higher figures. However, the quality / price remains the best on the market.

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