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Eliminate mosquitoes

The presence of mosquitoes in the garden can become such as to prevent a pleasant stay in the green space, especially in the evening, when their number increases. To get rid of the presence of such annoying insects, there are many remedies available to the buyer, who can also decide on the basis of the characteristics of their outdoor area. Among the most common remedies there are mosquito lamps, which can have different shapes and sizes to better adapt to any space and also perform a decorative function. They have in common the operation: in general, the mosquito lamps are based on the emission of a light capable of attracting insects in the evening. As they pass through the protective grating, they can come into contact with an electric discharge that electrocutes the insects.

Repellent products

Alongside the traditional mosquito repellent lamps, there are also models on the market that emit a light with an annoying gradation for mosquitoes, which in this case, instead of being attracted to them, keep their distance. Repellent products are available on the market in different forms, from those that are sprayed on the skin to those that emit odors that are unpleasant for the insects themselves. On the other hand, infrared remedies are increasingly widespread, to be used in indoor or outdoor spaces depending on electric or battery operation: these are objects capable of emitting sounds at an imperceptible height for the human ear, but extremely annoying. for mosquitoes, which therefore move away from the area.

Natural remedies

Even for those who prefer the use of natural methods to protect their garden from the presence of mosquitoes, the choices available are extremely vast: it is possible to opt for the placement of plants with an unpleasant odor for insects, which instead are pleasant for man and also perform a decorative function: it is the case of geranium, for example, which can create a completely natural barrier. A similar function is also rendered by lemongrass, which is not surprisingly the basis of many natural products and repellents. In the garden lounges, in the evening, the arrangement of some citronella candles could contribute to the creation of an area sheltered from mosquitoes and at the same time of great charm and extremely suggestive.

Mosquito repellent products: outdoor accessories: Effectiveness of mosquito repellent products

Mosquitoes are very unwelcome guests in the summer for your outdoor spaces; whether you have a terrace or a garden, your dinners and your afternoons could pass without real relaxation if your green space was assaulted by mosquitoes.

Among other things, for some years now an exotic species has been living in our cities, the tiger mosquito, making everything more difficult.

And what are the most effective remedies for mosquitoes?

There are no infallible remedies and above all for every space and every need there are possible solutions.

From natural ones that use the beneficial effects of lemongrass to electric mosquito nets, each remedy must be adopted in relation to the surface to be covered and the specific needs of your outdoor space.

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