Prune geraniums

How to prune geraniums

Pruning geraniums does not require special and demanding care, but it is obviously important to understand the appropriate method, so as not to cause damage to the plant. Pruning is necessary to eliminate any elements that could hinder the correct growth of the plant. Pruning varies according to the season: the best times for this operation are in spring and early winter. In spring we intervene with the removal of dried flowers, to allow the growth of new ones, while in winter we proceed with the cleaning of the branches. The only parts of the geranium that need to be removed are those that are dry or damaged by disease; pruning therefore does not consist in a drastic intervention. Only in the case of blackened branches, they will have to be cut off from the base.

Use the right tools

It is advisable to use suitable tools for pruning geraniums: common pruning shears to cut the smaller branches and leaves, while shears for the larger branches. The shears are suitable for pruning the largest and most robust branches as they have more powerful blades capable of penetrating deeply. These are two widespread and easily available tools. Cleaning and disinfecting the tools before and after the pruning process is necessary to prevent the plant from becoming infected by germs or parasites and consequently contracting diseases. Another method to have a high degree of hygiene is to wear gloves when pruning, even better if it is disposable gloves. It will be necessary to intervene with clean and precise cuts, without fraying.

Situations suitable for pruning

By intervening to prune the geranium after the new moon, that is the first phase of lunation in which the moon is in conjunction with the sun and with the darkened face facing the earth, you will prevent the plant from losing its lymphatic juices. Whether it is spring pruning or winter pruning, it is therefore recommended to wait for the end of the new moon phase which, as we know, affects the development of plants. In addition to adequate pruning, it is advisable to keep the geranium pot well clean and supply it with the necessary water, to ensure that it has a prosperous growth and a long life without attacks from various germs and parasites. In particular situations, such as those consisting of large heat waves, the geranium can be pruned in order to reduce the amount of heat it would be entitled to assimilate.

Pruning Geraniums: To Prune or Not?

In total there are about 400 different species of geraniums. Some people believe geraniums don’t need pruning; this is due precisely to the large number of genera of this plant that exist in nature. Probably the need to intervene with pruning varies from species to species. In any case, we are not talking about actual pruning, as for the most part we only try to implement a rejuvenation of the plant, eliminating the dry parts and the damaged parts. Although there are those who claim the absence of the need for pruning in these plants, it is known that periodically intervening to clean and lighten the geraniums is essential to ensure that they grow healthy and luxuriant. Above all it is better to check the state of the plant to always be sure of its condition.

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