Prune the olive tree

Why prune the olive tree

The pruning of the olive tree is carried out not only for an aesthetic purpose, but above all to increase the fruiting production of the plant. Pruning the olive tree certainly involves considerable benefits: first of all it allows to eliminate the unproductive branches and regenerate the branches rich in buds from In addition, pruning leads to balance the structure of the plant itself, thinning out areas with particularly dense foliage in order to facilitate the penetration of light even in the inner part of the crown.The olive tree is a tree that tends to grow a lot, and especially in cases where it is located in a private garden, there may be a need to reduce its size.Finally, pruning is the most effective weapon in the war against any parasitic attacks, thetree regains new vital lymph and greater vigor, counteracting and delaying the natural aging of the plant.

When to prune the olive tree

In general, it is very important to prune in the specific period. There is no single month for all plants, each species requires the intervention on the branches to be carried out in the most appropriate period.As regards the olive tree, its pruning is concentrated in the months of March, April and May. The choice of the month is affected by other factors, including the weather. In the southern regions of our country the cultivation of the olive tree is very extensive: here the pruning will be concentrated in the first months of March when the spring has already brought the first warmth. On the contrary, in the northern regions, a pruning done too early could be counterproductive. as a return of cold could considerably damage the health of the plant, even compromising the seasonal harvest.

How to prune the olive tree

The life cycle of the olive tree foresees that the fruit buds grow mainly in the young branches, of about one or two years. It is very rare that olives are born on the most mature branches. When we are about to prune the olive tree it is essential to remember this principle in order not to compromise the harvest.The cutting of the branches must be performed with suitable and well-sharpened tools. It must be clear and the slope must follow the direction downwards and towards the outside of the plant. This is very important to ensure that the tree does not suffer attacks from fungi and wood decay and, at the same time, the drainage of rainwater is favored.As mentioned, pruning is also performed to eliminate branches infected with diseases and mushrooms: in this case,

Pruning the olive tree: Beauty tips for the olive tree

The beauty of the olive tree passes through some simple tips. First of all, we said that pruning is a fundamental technique to preserve the care of the plant, but at the same time, not all trees need annual pruning, especially in the case of younger specimens. of pruning, you must follow a very precise cutting order: you will start with the thickest branches and then move on to the thinnest ones.The pruning operation must be commensurate with the age of the plant: young plants do not require major interventions, while the more mature plants may require important thinning.Finally, a correctly performed pruning will have to start from the top of the canopy and then move on to the bottom.

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