Pruning lemons

The lemon pruning period and the necessary tools

To carry out a good pruning, in addition to using the right tools, you must take into account the period in which it must be carried out. Not all seasons, in fact, are suitable for this operation. As a rule, the lemon tree should be pruned in the spring or in late summer. This is because the climate, at these times of the year, is normally not too hot and the cold still does not make itself felt. Once you have chosen the best period, also according to the climatic condition of where the plant is located, you will carry out the pruning, using shears, pruner and saw. The pruner will be used to prune the foliage, at the highest points of the plant. The manual saw will allow you to remove the largest branches, while with the shears you will cut all the other branches, those, so to speak, which have a thickness of less than 3 cm. Don’t forget to provide you with sturdy work gloves.

Pruning the lemon, here is the video

First you need to determine “what” to prune, respecting, however, the natural structure of the plant. The dry or broken branches must be eliminated first, then we will move on to those branches that direct excessively upwards, this to facilitate the collection of fruits. The branches that sprout near the crown, and are fruitless, are called suckers (interesting about this short video, and are also to be pruned, as they do not allow the sun to penetrate inside the foliage structure. Considering that the lemon tree bears fruit on branches of at least one year, a young plant needs a more energetic pruning than an “old” plant. Being young, the plant will react to pruning by providing lush vegetation and anticipating fruiting. The lemon tree bears fruit in an acceptable way, 4 or 6 years after planting.

Lemon pruning period

There are various theories about the lemon pruning period. In fact, there is no specific period. Much depends on the type of flowering the plant has. There are various types of lemon plants, in addition to the quality of the fruit, they differ in the type of flowering. Mono flowering indicates that the plant will flower only once a year, usually in spring, and then bear fruit in the warmer areas towards the end of September. Then there are some species of lemon plants that bloom twice or the so-called “four seasons”, which make 4 blooms and consequently 4 fruiting a year. For each of these types there is a different pruning period. Mono should be pruned in winter. The “two” in spring, before the heat and the “four”

Pruning lemons, the right time

There are several theories regarding the lemon pruning period. Who prefers to do it in winter and who, instead, in spring. There are even those who argue that pruning should be done in full bloom. In fact, the variables are many. Pruning lemons in the right period depends mainly on the quality of the lemon itself. Apart from the type of flowering, mono, bi or four seasons, much depends on the climatic factor. In Sicily, for example, single-flowering lemons are pruned in mid-February, close to spring. It is carried out to eliminate excess branches, which would dramatically increase the foliation. A second pruning takes place between summer and autumn, but only concerns the so-called “suckers”, those branches in the shape of a “wand”

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